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dreams of tiny birds

While I was getting up every five minutes to go to the loo (turned out my "fine" stomach wasn't quite as up to beer and pizza as I hoped) Tim was having a dream. We were looking after two really tiny brightly-coloured birds (one had a yellow crest, and one had iridescent green wings -- they were different species but obviously in love) for a friend, they lived in a marvellous elaborate cage, full of exotic foliage. There were also two exotic insects inside, which made him worry; were we supposed to be looking after them, too? Would the birds eat them? He took the birds out in the meantime, and then checked with the owners who told him not to worry; the cage was full of pupa and chrysalises which would hatch out insects and grubs for the birds and that was what they ate. Then, of course, he couldn't find the birds. His older brother (in the dream, he doesn't have an older brother IRL) was being all, "oh they're just birds" and being very unhelpful. The back door was open and he went out to look for the little birds in the huge passion vine that grows in his yard (no, really, it does) and he found a brightly coloured little songbird with a yellow ruff and purple flashes. He showed it to me and asked if it was the right bird. I said, "No, it's just a baby flamingo," and then went on to explain to him that young flamingos look like little songbirds and they fly up from Africa to live in England as juveniles for a while, where most of them die (as the climate is unsuitable for them). The survivors go back to Africa where their legs and neck grow long and they grow into the Flamingos we know and recognise. None of this was helping Tim, though, and he still hadn't found the birds when his alarm went off.

After he told me the dream, I told him there was a good chance that the little birds had gone back into their cage, thereby proving that Real Life Jeremy is both more helpful and more knowledgeable about the habits of birds than Tim's Subconscious's Dream Puppet Jeremy, and certainly more helpful than his non-existent older brother.


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11th May, 2008 23:37 (UTC)
Sounds like an anxiety dream, but tis always good to be more helpful than an non-existant older brother. Arf!
12th May, 2008 08:12 (UTC)
A very glamorous anxiety dream!
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