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updates part one

Dream: I was back in the Department Store again this morning. I end up there a lot when I'm dreaming at the moment. I decided to take the lift to the top floor, and it was so narrow and tiny I had to cram myself into it, and when it started moving it was so slow I thought I would never get anywhere. The top floor had been abandoned and it was dark and dusty. Someone had sat all the broken old mannequins around a table where they sat in mismatched clothes and clownish make-up, heads lolling, like some zombie last supper pastiche. Around the top of the escalators (which were still running) there was an unabandoned space lit by yellow light, and I left that way. There was no boundary bewteen the abandoned and unabandoned shop, only convention dictated that no-one went beyond the reaches of the light.

Theremin: Thanks to mzdt I now have a working theremin! Well, insofar as any Jaycar Silicon Ship "theremin kit" is capable of producing a working theremin ... it's sold more as a home electronics kit than as an actual instrument, and various less-than-complimentary comments about its tone, sensitivity, interference issues, etc. are spattered across the internet. One site went so far as telling me that I shouldn't use it because I'd only get into bad theremin habits! Ha! Oddest thing -- I gain a significant improvement in tone and sensitivity (not to mention a more "theremin-like" response) by holding the power source (I'm using a 9V battery). I probably need to look at some diagrams in order to figure out what's going on there. Of course that means I don't have a hand free for the volume plate, but see above comments about sensitivity and interference for why that doesn't particularly matter.

Red leaves The scourge of my garden is back again. Young leaves that start red and stay red. The plant neither dies nor thrives, the leaves are undistorted but a bright red. It's clearly some sort of deficiency, but what? And why does it only take out some plants, while weeds and the like grow with undiminished enthusiasm?


12th May, 2008 14:32 (UTC)
Whoa, your Department Store is as weird as mine.Keep an eye on those lifts!

Has Teazel had a go on the theremin yet?
12th May, 2008 14:41 (UTC)
!!!! no
But I must take it round so he can have a play