Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

turns out the drain was full of concrete all along

A bit of a multimedia experience this morning as I sifted through one-minute films of young people, prepping them for the web, while taking the occasional break to go look at a very different film being shot by another young person -- the extremely gainfully employed Dynorod man. He was filming my drains for me (we'll get a DVD next week!) as part of our ongoing attempt to find out what their problem is. Problem is now identified; at some point in the past, a builder or similar rinsed concrete powder down the drain, where it solidified into a variable-width partial blockage which is as hard as -- well, concrete. Chunks of it have been coming off and washing down the drain to make new, exciting blockages, but lots of it is in firm enough that they'll need to cut it out. Apparently there is kit to do this, but f***ing f***.

In other news, this week's strip, which is really worth not reading. No, really, don't. It's just depressing.

detail - staying alive
detail - staying alive
misery and rainbows.


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