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And I, for one, intend to decorate every cat I meet.

Whoever sent me the pink roses, you forgot to include a card! On the offchance that you're reading, thank you very much, they're lovely -- as were the chocolates, which came packaged with a delightful bow. And when you've got a cat and a bow in the same room, some actions are obvious:

this old thing?
this old thing?
Designer headgear for the little cat.

If you click through to full size, you can see that the gentle flash I was using has left stars in his eyes!

After weeks of non-attendance, I seem to have been at gigs most evenings this week, which is a bummer as tonight Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs are playing at the Cellar and I would like very much to see them, damnit.

But last night was my local for the lovely Scarlett's Well, who are like a fantastic act of cross-dimensional trickery, as if several different bands from entirely different genres (or possibly worlds) are (somehow, miraculously) occupying the same space.

And the night before that I was out on the Punt (Oxford's annual new bands festival) where Cat Matador won on both best name and most likely to feature on future compilations for everyone (not least because they gave out free CDs), while my heart was won by the supreme morosity of Elapse-o, playing to an empty basement while the scenester crowds flocked off to gather around the next big thing (Little Fish, who was missed on grounds of having been seen before). Winner of most stupidly danced to was lunatical Sikorski ... who gave me a bit of a flashback to Monday when I was getting my monthly dose of dance from Space Heroes, South Central and the Whip.

But I twittered that, so I'm repeating myself. Speaking of which -- Loudtwitter seems to be missing later evening twitters, I suppose i should probably figure out if I can fix that.


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16th May, 2008 11:47 (UTC)
Awww I've got all cat-broody. How fantastic to have a cat you can dress up. More please jeremy! Perhaps this could become a regular Friday feature?
16th May, 2008 12:29 (UTC)
I wouldn't exactly describle Teasel as a cat you can dress up. More like a cat that can sometimes be persuaded to sit still with something on his head, provided there is sufficient strokes and a a camera-cord to play with.
16th May, 2008 18:15 (UTC)
Cats hate dressing-up. You can see he's thinking evil thoughts. AND the ribbon clashes with his eyes.
18th May, 2008 14:39 (UTC)
Cat Matador had free CDs?
Dammit. Oh well.
Good night though, all round - I reckon it was the best lineup since 2005.
18th May, 2008 15:26 (UTC)
Re: Cat Matador had free CDs?
It was just a one-track jobby. I can loan you mine if you want?
18th May, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
Ooh, ta!
Would be much appreciated! I can loan the Faceometer CD in return, if you want?
18th May, 2008 21:07 (UTC)
Re: Ooh, ta!
Was that the wibbling busker with an ear-splitting tramp alarm? Hmmm. How does he trainslate to CD?
19th May, 2008 08:01 (UTC)
There's only one way to find out...
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