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twitterings from cleanskies

  • 16:44 New cat found in back garden. Mad staring eyes, black fur, very pouncey. Have decided to call her amy winehouse. #
  • 19:34 The joys of cat-sitting! Cassie has left me either a very small rat or a very large mouse. Dead and in one piece, thankfully. #
  • 19:48 Slightly iffy smell in living room traced to some sort of vole behind the sofa. All hail the mighty hunter. I think i need tongs. #
  • 20:10 On church hill, two young men photograph each other as they jump up up! under pretty suburban trees in the low gold bright evening light. #
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20th May, 2008 10:55 (UTC)
Have you caught Amy Winehouse mainlining the catnip yet?
20th May, 2008 12:58 (UTC)
I'm not sure : what do you think?
here she is in action:

( 2 worms — Feed the birds )