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well, hush my mouth

I suppose I can finally strike "make a new minicomic" off my 43 things. Meet owl, who is angry. You can't look inside it yet, sorry, I have not the time for scannage and suchlike right now. You can, however, buy the little sucker tomorrow at No Bar Codes should you be swinging by the Historic Camden Lock Market tomorrow. We're "just by the burnt bit", apparently. I'll be the one hand-stitching bling onto the eyes of little owls.

I have reproduced!
I have reproduced!
Congratulations, Ms. Dennis, it's an owl.

P.S. I fixed the busted link on this week's strip, as well.


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30th May, 2008 13:33 (UTC)
Damn, what about ME?? I want one! can I buy one (with postage) through PayPal?
30th May, 2008 13:34 (UTC)
Oh, I think I owe you a gift, don't I? Would you like a package o' things?
30th May, 2008 20:00 (UTC)
OMG are you kidding? that would be sweeter than sweetilishious!!
30th May, 2008 13:44 (UTC)
or just the comic?
30th May, 2008 19:59 (UTC)
Isn't that the cover of the comic? I want the whole thing.
30th May, 2008 13:56 (UTC)
A horrid bluejay has been menacing our back yard over the past week. Only a particularly fat mourning dove tried to stare it down.
30th May, 2008 15:30 (UTC)
I have an ambivalent relationship with doves/pigeons, but apparently one has been invading the admin offices recently and of that I can only approve.
30th May, 2008 14:50 (UTC)
He he, it looks adorable! How can us non British get our hands on it?
30th May, 2008 15:36 (UTC)
I'll post about that after the weekend, when I know how many I have left (print run will be limited by supplies of the big gold sequins) but generally ordering details may be found on my profile page
30th May, 2008 15:32 (UTC)
Oooh sparkly eyes. I will be going to capoeira in Camden tomorrow. I shall endeavour to come early and buy a comic.
30th May, 2008 15:38 (UTC)
I'll swing by, though it may not be before 4.
30th May, 2008 16:29 (UTC)
What splendid eyes it has!
30th May, 2008 20:21 (UTC)
Can I buy one, and then have it sent with my copy of House of Leaves? :-)
12th Jun, 2008 18:16 (UTC)
Absolutely, but I wasn't kidding about needing your address. Send it to cleanskies @ yahoo.co.uk and I'll make you a package up!

... it's full of masses and masses of bookmarks with little notes on them. I clearly enjoyed it!
31st May, 2008 17:52 (UTC)
Awwww, I love this owl! I love the eyes.
4th Jun, 2008 12:29 (UTC)
Thankyou. What a crackin day.
local franchise. i would wear my smart get-up. or pullover and beany.
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