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new pond already has a frog

look a frog!
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

New pond has received the frog of approval! Frog is right in the middle of that shot, peering out from the stones. It's clearer bigger (on click-through). It's a bit of a small pond, but I only had so much old carpet (for lining the hole) and, indeed, space. Have ordered a solar fountain off the interwebs (they've gone down since last year) and now we only need a rainstorm to finish the job -- two slimline waterbutts were not quite enough water.

This morning I had a dream about walking across an open-cast salt mine in Russia. It was beautiful -- the bright sun was glinting off the salt flats, and gleaming large machinery in blues and greys and trucks in vivid primary colours speckled with salt-dust were bustling around, clusters of foremen and workers in hi-vis jackets, wellies and hard-hats all going about their business. Tim and I were heading for a small train station, where we would catch the next train down the line, to meet up with the some friends. A woman with a huge soft fur coat and a huge soft fluffy dog was on the platform, distracting the guards, which made me hope that they wouldn't notice that our tickets were perhaps not quite in order.


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10th Jun, 2008 22:13 (UTC)
I love dreams with textures.
13th Jun, 2008 15:16 (UTC)
Call that a frog? More like a newt I'd say!
3rd Aug, 2008 00:39 (UTC)
Hi I'm new here
I've recently joined and wanted to introduce myself :)
3rd Aug, 2008 18:03 (UTC)
Re: Hi I'm new here
Hi, nice to meet you! But sign in before you comment, or Livejournal will mistake you for a comment spammer. You can sign in using openid.
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