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Walked past two dumb men trying to burn a Brazilian flag on the way into work this morning. They couldn't get it to catch. Five flabby women with frosted hair stopped and cheered as he repeatedly flicked the lighter, trying and failing and trying and failing to get the flag to catch light. Is that funny or horrible?

Hmm. Did you know there's such a thing as canal water skiing? Apparently there's going to be a display at the Canal Festival this weekend, between Aristotle Lane and Hythe Bridge. Anyone else thinking, blimey, that's a bit narrow?

Alternative suggestion for Sunday: "Come and find out more about chickens at the annual show of the South Oxon Poultry Club." Or not. Though I've been thinking a lot about chickens recently, as it's my only point of connection with Big Brother.

The following weekend's entertainment is obvious: the self-explanatory hobbyhorsefest.has.it. I expect Rowland will be there, eh dotty?

Then, of course, there are the latest attempts to find a contemporary, practical use for Oxfordshire's quarries. I don't think I'll be able to get my sh*t together in time to see the 18ft dinosaur tonight, though, *sigh*. Maybe the 15ft Sandman in a fortnight's time. (There's a picture, if you follow the link, but don't expect glamorous goth boys!)

I bought some white hair dye, on the ground that it's the one colour that won't run when worn to Glastonbury (I wore purple one year, and it was rapidly a sorry sight). Was that smart or dumb?

Oxford was full of traditional dancers at lunchtime. It mixed strangely (but not in a bad way) with Midfield General. The flower seller said something to me but my head was too full of swirling skirts and giant robots. I should buy some flowers from him to say sorry.


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21st Jun, 2002 07:57 (UTC)
Hair Dye
Actual WHITE, not just 'palest ash blonde' or whatever? I've been looking for that for years! Whatzit called?
24th Jun, 2002 03:59 (UTC)
Re: Hair Dye
It's just one of the Stargazer ones (the stuff you buy in hippy shops) -- it's new, and I've not tried it before, so I can't vouch for its effectiveness yet, I'll give you an update once I've dyed. The way it'll work is I'll have to bleach my hair to death first, then put this stuff over to get rid of the lingering yellow tones. Whether or not it'll be better than my current recipe for white hair (Jerome Russell 40% bleach for 50 minutes -- ouch, ouch ouch! then scrub through a little bit of blue --- for that whiter than white look! -- mix up a little more bleach and then scrub it through your hair for 5-10 mins) remains to be see. I've decided to save it until after Glastonbury, when I'll feel like bleaching myself ...
24th Jun, 2002 04:14 (UTC)
Re: Hair Dye
Thanks! I'll have a look. I've not seen proper 'white' in a long, long time. I think Clairol used to do it, but it seems to have been discontinued (prob'ly carcinogenic...)
I usually just use 'pre-lightener' for an hour or so, not too bad,or burny, but still leaves you with those annoying yellow tones. I wanna real Santa white.
21st Jun, 2002 08:34 (UTC)
I can see how canal waterskiing is possible (though getting through the locks must be a bit of a bugger), but how on earth do you stop?
23rd Jun, 2002 17:24 (UTC)
One of the Portland quarries I used to play in as a kid (they made St Paul's Cathedral out of that stuff) is now an amazing sculpture park.
23rd Jun, 2002 18:08 (UTC)
24th Jun, 2002 04:13 (UTC)
I'd forgotten about these guys! I want a Robotronic tiger! .... and a robotic Ayn Rand! hm, they seem to use an awful lot of Blakes & pictures for something ostensibly set in another genre. And a lot more affiliation than they had a few years ago.

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