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somebody tell me that cambridge is OK

I woke up very, very late this morning, after a terrible morning of nightmares. Mostly this consisted of gaps opening into other dimensions in a mostly-deserted schoolroom and things drifting through them. Most of these things were odd rocks and objects that could be used for doing things to reality, but occasionally they were huge, incoherent monsters that enveloped and consumed people. At first the school where this was happening was quite underpopulated, but gradually it began to fill up with people who had just been doing something else a minute ago, and it came to me that my dream school was collecting people from other dreams, in order to trap and consume them. Occasionally my friends would turn up and tell me there was nothing to worry about, but it didn't help as now they were in the school, too.

In an unrelated scene in the dream, Cambridge was completely destroyed by a nuclear accident (or possibly a suitcase nuke, or possibly a nuclear accident involving a suitcase nuke). Noes!

Then I decided that the perfect solace for my misery was shopping, for dresses. Oddly, this was neither as difficult nor as traumatic as I remembered. Two thumbs up for Very Vintage, and I shall now not embarrass motodraconis at the ball. Oh, ellenlindner, I took your advice on the neckline.

On the way back I stopped off at Joella's and filled a tiffin box with pondweed for the pond. She has newts! Apparently they "just turned up one year".


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15th Jun, 2008 19:49 (UTC)
I don't have anything to say about Cambridge, but I'm loving the Value Gin picture.
16th Jun, 2008 09:17 (UTC)
or maybe not
If you love the picture, you'll love the flavour
15th Jun, 2008 20:46 (UTC)
I have a strange dream last night that did have a school element, and as I wrote it down elsewhere I will copy and paste here for no particular reason.

I had a very peculiar dream last night, all about reality television of some sort, even though I don't tend to actually watch it. At the beginning of the bit I remember, I was some kind of participant observer on a programme which was some crazy competition for families trying to buy houses with constantly changing conditions, and they had to achieve some set of objectives and complete a house purchase before anyone else did. Samantha Janus (is she well known still? She was on a comedy I remember watching years and years ago where I first became aware of ginger mockery) was a contestant and just as she'd almost won, somehow she was suddenly short of about two thousand quid for her deposit, so she had the idea of making up the difference via prostitution, which she did in this rather sterile white corridor. I've no idea where the customers came from, but some did arrive. And she won. But then some guy whose role I wasn't sure of got really angry and claiming she'd broken the rules, and started hitting everyone, including me. And I tried to explain to him that it was a bit pointless complaining about the badness of rule breaking when he was doing hitting which was just as bad, and in fact worse. Then, within this same environment, somehow I moved into a kitchen where I was trying to do something strange in a kitchen with a saucepan full of boiled white fish (ew), that I eventually decided was a waste of time, while simultaneously watching two reality television programmes on two different screens on a wall. One was a sort of game based in a school classroom, where parents and children were all given some really arbitrary pointless rules to follow, like, they were never allowed to make more than four copies of the same document, and if they could remember and not break any of the rules they would win something. I'm not sure what. I'm trying to remember what was on the other screen, but I've forgotten.
16th Jun, 2008 09:18 (UTC)
I think you just had a dream about life there.
16th Jun, 2008 09:22 (UTC)
I wish I could remember waht was on the other screen... it might contain the answer!
15th Jun, 2008 21:23 (UTC)
went past cambridge earlier today - i didn't look carefully, but i think it was still there/intact/free from nuclear accident...
16th Jun, 2008 09:19 (UTC)
Thanks for the reassurance!
15th Jun, 2008 23:05 (UTC)
Is Very Vintage a shop? If so, I like the sound of it and might have to check it out.
Would ya say that 5 pearl necklaces and a tiara are excessive? I'd say not, but then I would say that - I'm all packed, tiara and all.
(Hrmmm, perhaps it'll be me embarrassing you.)
16th Jun, 2008 09:33 (UTC)
Half of the ballshop on the Plain is inhabited by Very Vintage and her bizarre garments (she also does local plays).

She really, really wanted to put me in this silver and tulle contraption with a proper boned bodice but the effect on my cleavage was giving me the fear (as was the price tag). The tiara doesn't sound even slightly excessive to me, and if you can fit five necklaces on your neck, you probably should ;)
15th Jun, 2008 23:46 (UTC)
Cambridge is not OK. It is, however, still there.
16th Jun, 2008 09:34 (UTC)
Well, thank goodness for mixed blessings.
16th Jun, 2008 08:56 (UTC)
I am also worried about Eccles, there haven't been any Eccles cakes in Tesco's for months. Has there been some terrible earthquake that has been hushed up?
16th Jun, 2008 09:47 (UTC)
Apart from some curfuffle about bats being found in a mill scheduled for demolition, all seems quiet in Eccles.

Almost ... too quiet.
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