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There are flower buds on the courgettes. I wonder if I should put them outside the greenhouse for pollination?

I forgot to go to my blood donor appointment today, even though it was in my diary and I'd been sent a text alert -- um, last week sometime. Sure to remember? Apparently not. Bum.

My 43 things reminder is telling me that it's time to start throwing away old artwork. Oh, that's going to be fun. Still; it must be done.

Pond now has (at least) two frogs. On the other hand, a bush beside the road out front with no water anywhere near it has at least one, so meh. Maybe it's just a good year for frogs.

How do you tell what species of bat it is you have in your back garden?

Good news for disenchanted men
Good news for disenchanted men
Who crave simpler days, without castles and princesses.


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17th Jun, 2008 20:11 (UTC)
I just spent ages looking at lots of your earlier weekly strips. They really are wonderful.
18th Jun, 2008 07:27 (UTC)
Well, I won't be geting rid of much of that. Some roughs and unused strips, maybe. It'll be the older stuff.
17th Jun, 2008 21:07 (UTC)
I'd use a bat detector - you can differentiate several species by frequency and click type. If they're very small, they're probably Pipistrelles, which are the commonest species
18th Jun, 2008 07:31 (UTC)
I was hoping more for a silhouette chart, of the type you get for similar birds, as I get a good look at them against the sky at twilight. I'll have another bash at google today (yesterday my searches got swamped by a lot of people trying to sell me identification charts....)
18th Jun, 2008 09:33 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
I think you may be lucky. Neither of my two field-guides to bats has such a thing. One has a short section on flight characteristics, though.
18th Jun, 2008 09:53 (UTC)
better luck today
I've found a couple of guides, although either picking them up or listening to them seems to be the only reliable way of knowing for sure, but --

They're quite wee, and fly quickly in hunting circles over my (doubtless deliciously midgey) garden -- which cuts it down to small, fast-moving urban bats, so Pipistrelles in all probability.

Suddenly I'm aware that I used to be able to hear bats before I saw them and I can't any more. Ah well, age. It comes to us all.
17th Jun, 2008 22:11 (UTC)
In other countries courgettes always come with the flower on. I like that.

I pollinate my chilli plants with a cotton bud, I also make a buzz buzz buzz sound as I do it.
18th Jun, 2008 07:31 (UTC)
17th Jun, 2008 23:13 (UTC)
Could the artwork not be gathered up into a sheaf of papers, bound as a booklet and then auctioned at Caption?

Do not be throwing away!
18th Jun, 2008 07:32 (UTC)
Trust me, this artwork needs to be thrown away.
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