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the legs have left the building

Awww no! Owner of the million-pound legs, MGM Musical star and serial name-changer Cyd Charisse, died yesterday. You know, the amazing dame who shot to fame after she did the dance in the green dress opposite Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain.

This clip shows her getting fruity with French underwear in bizarre cold war musical Silk Stockings (which also stars Peter Lorre as a Russian spy). Be sure to click on the "video response" for a closer look at the corsetry.

Ah, Cyd Charisse. She was immortalised in rhyme, by a friend of mine:

Cyd Charisse
She sits upon the mantlepiece
It came as quite a shock
I thought she was a clock

[Rhyme by Howard Dietz - who isn't, for clarity's sake, actually a friend of mine]


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18th Jun, 2008 16:43 (UTC)
Well I dunno about you but that's how I put on my stockings.
Every morning before work, my poor old housemate has to dodge about the lounge toast in hand as I sprawl and roll from sofa to sofa.
The crumbs get everywhere.
18th Jun, 2008 16:47 (UTC)
No wonder you never have any problems getting lodgers. What time are you turning up tomorrow?
18th Jun, 2008 16:57 (UTC)
I don't know, I'm hoping to leave L'pool no later than 4pm, and it takes 3 hours to get to Oxford so probably 7pm?
However, I may be able to slip off earlier, or if very unluckly, later. I'll text you before I set off and you can expect me 3 hours from the text (assuming no dreadful traffic on the M6.)
If by chance I do arrive very early before anyone is around I'll bimble about.
18th Jun, 2008 17:03 (UTC)
Cool, I'm usually home by seven (but not usually home before seven, it has to be said). Well, I suppose if I'm not back yet you can always check out the local sights, though I can't wholeheartedly recommend the graveyard across the road:

just step away from the tomb, ma'am
18th Jun, 2008 19:06 (UTC)
was the rhyme by dickon?
19th Jun, 2008 06:57 (UTC)
19th Jun, 2008 11:38 (UTC)
cyd charisse rhyme
Wrong again, he was quoting -- it was extemporized by Howard Dietz.
18th Jun, 2008 22:19 (UTC)
Ah, Silk Stockings. As you once so rightly said to me, one of the great underwear movies.
19th Jun, 2008 08:19 (UTC)
Cyd Charisse rhyme
I think I might have been the one to tell you about this, but I wasn't the one who made it up - it came about when lyricist Howard Dietz was challenged to come up with a lyric to the tune "Jealousy" on the spot at a party.
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