Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

happy solstice friday!

My friday's about to take an unexpected turn, but hey, some fridays are just like that. A horse-drawn carriage will be involved. There will be photographs; of that much we can be certain. There may be Stonehenge, but that's after midnight, when things become rather hazier.

Before I forget, there's details for buying Owl is Angry (the new minicomic) online now. Or you could wait till I get it scanned, I will remember to do that sooner or later.

Now then, have a good Solstice. For people wondering what celebrations are appropriate, I recommend making a small henge out of Penguin chocolate buiscuits, and getting a bunch of plastic dinosaurs to skateboard around it:

there are much better things to do in henges!

Feel free to sub in small tigers and the tiny cars you get in Kinder eggs, that would work quite well, too. (more photos on click-through, as ever)

Oh, this thing that looks like multi-coloured bird-poo is a word collage from my twitters. It's set up to work from (or however you punctuate it) so I had to play with pasting. At first it annoyed me and then I realised how clearly it indicated that I am an afternoon twitterer:

Play with the toy yourself on click-through (it can do any text).

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