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weekend of shelving

I spent the weekend with my shelves.

Super Sindy, octopus and pelvis

almost a third of the fifth (top) shelf

Super-moody 70s Ken pointedly ignores the Mandy with less hair

the shelves are a lot taller than I am

They're all tidy now.


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25th Jun, 2002 11:02 (UTC)
Eeee! Is It?-
- A cuddly Cthulu? My friend John has one very similar.
2nd Jul, 2002 05:50 (UTC)
Re: Eeee! Is It?-
You can't see my teeny-tiny cuddly Cthulu in these shots (he's over giving GI Joe a much deserved if rather tentacular hug, just out of shot). The pink tentacly thing is actually a beanie-baby octopus, though he looks thoroughly Cthuloid to me :) His pinkness goes with Super Sindy quite well.
25th Jun, 2002 17:02 (UTC)
Your shelves look eeriley familiar to mine.
Lots o' toys and books
27th Jun, 2002 10:29 (UTC)
mmmm booky toysy shelfy goodness
Mmmm looking at your shelves makes me look forward to the day when I can have my shelves up in my new flat. But can we have some more and better photos pleeeease? I've bet you've got lots more toys since you did your geocities site.

:from < a href="http://www.groc.org.uk/">groc</a>
2nd Jul, 2002 05:56 (UTC)
Re: mmmm booky toysy shelfy goodness
Better photos

... yeah, it's a bit of a special effect, that camera (free from Terry Wiley after he upgraded to a digital camera that works). It's a Trust digital from the dawn of time, so I can't preview shots, it's dodgy in almost any light conditions, and uploading the photos is a go-and-get-a-cup-of-tea job. That said, there are about 10 more I liked --- I'll post some more when I'm near the right computer.

Hopefully I'll be starting on some new toy photos soon!
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