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I am certainly sure that I have a plan

I have a bunch of "personal embroidery" transfers that are just SO PRETTY. But I won't use them. Does anyone want them?

Sorry for the birthdays and news that I missed, I wasn't at Glastonbury, just being distracted.

If you're in the upcoming Caption Exhibition show, please get in touch, with two exceptions (you know who you are) there have been no responses whatsover. Worrying.

Also, this:

sorry it's been such a long wait for you - detail
sorry it's been such a long wait for you - detail
It's that window again.

The title comes from an email I was sent, and seems increasingly appropriate.


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30th Jun, 2008 17:38 (UTC)
Reminds me of all the wonderful greetings cards I stockpile that are always too sublime to give to anyone!
30th Jun, 2008 17:50 (UTC)
what's personal embroidery?

anyways, I'd take embroidery transfers, depending on the motif!
30th Jun, 2008 18:36 (UTC)
I cannot summarise
"Look back on incidents in your life and there may be one you particularly want to remember. You will probably find your memory of it bound up with some little, irrelevant thing which was part of your background when it happened. Something which will bring it back to you each time you see it, just as certain perfumes awake long-forgotten memories. How does the idea of wearing that memory appeal to you? Wearing it embroidered in gay colors on your clothes!"

The motifs are small, varied (birds, patterns, plants, deer, cherries, a pretty lady punting) and come with some delightfully mad colour suggestions. I'm at a loss to guess which memory the magenta polar bear is supposed to recall.
30th Jun, 2008 20:43 (UTC)
Re: I cannot summarise
must be the memory of tripping while visiting the zoo...

yeah, I'd take those. :)
30th Jun, 2008 21:21 (UTC)
Re: I cannot summarise
they are on their way
30th Jun, 2008 20:12 (UTC)
What the ! So glum. :-(

Draw the ball! The carriage! Ya want weird - that was weird. (But in a good way.)
1st Jul, 2008 07:57 (UTC)
I'll take some, Jeremy! I want to embroider a punting lady.
Or am I too late? SUSPENSE!
Thanks either way...love, Ellen
2nd Jul, 2008 09:53 (UTC)
I have reserved one for you
1st Jul, 2008 15:01 (UTC)
I'm going to this next week:


If you can persuade your place of work it's a good idea, there are still places left ...

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