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I have a plan, the plan's called stan

Well, the point of no return has been reached and all that. The paperwork went in today, and as of about a month's time I will no longer be a home owner. Frogs, courgettes, fairy lights and all will pass on to the the inimitable damiancugley, who has promised to hold parties. Lots of parties.

Also, as promised, the innards of "owl is angry". Your actual copy's not quite in the post, Lee. I'm looking for something else I was going to send you. It's here somewhere...

owl is angry - detail
owl is angry - detail
Owl has reasons. Many reasons.


5th Jul, 2008 19:04 (UTC)
Wow, so you'll be moving house! Good luck with the whole process. It's a great opportunity for decluttering, so why not throw away all your furniture to make more room for plastic dinosaurs?