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Ah, great. I've just completely lost something. I really hate it when that happens. Oh, there it is. Hilarious bit of misfiling, that. I'll get to it in a bit.

Right, now, why are you posting so many strips, Jeremy? Well, the clue's in this week's strip. I've been busy at work, which created a bit of a pile up, so I'm publishing all June's strips at once. Sorry about that. There's plenty of scope for misunderstanding with this one, so I coloured it in, which should confuse matters further.

No-one can accuse me of not being trying.

And because talking about Dockeroo is compulsory this week, here's a link to I can has Tardis who clearly have insider information, or at least an out-of-date copy of Photoshop, which, as we all know, is the next best thing.

The Executive Within
The Executive Within
She scares me.


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2nd Jul, 2008 17:49 (UTC)
linkypic not found
2nd Jul, 2008 18:44 (UTC)
borked my html, should be fixed now
2nd Jul, 2008 20:25 (UTC)
happy now
2nd Jul, 2008 18:42 (UTC)
Thankyou so much for Icanhastardis

2nd Jul, 2008 18:45 (UTC)
2nd Jul, 2008 19:54 (UTC)
The Executive within
I knows her. I has one too.
3rd Jul, 2008 02:30 (UTC)
Re: The Executive within
Yeah I can totally relate to that. Perhaps this is some astrological Year of The Executive.
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