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steady on ladies - happy friday!

You see, this is what I get for swanning off to a new media conference for a day. While I was off cynically eye-popping at the sweeping statements of a prominent Tory blogger whose main claim to fame is that he broke the "news" about John Prescott's penis size, you were all getting very exercised about (of all things) lentils. Who knew they were such an emotive issue? Although, I suppose it wasn't really the lentils but some strange cultural knot associated with them.

Tory blogger said he had a set of things that guaranteed a huge steaming pile o' comments. His set were predicatable enough (homosexuality, abortion, etc.) Mine seem a little more strange, although on one point we agree. Climate change -- the hot topic across the political spectrum.

Anyway, enough of such serious topics: happy friday from IKB, mosaic-stylee. He likes his chains big and his cigars fragrant.



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11th Jul, 2008 12:40 (UTC)
New Media
What is/are 'new media' these days? What sort of people go to this sort of thing?
When I have seen Dale on TV he has come over surprisingly poorly, considering that 'meejah' is his job, does he come over better in person?
11th Jul, 2008 13:29 (UTC)
Re: New Media
Oh, this was new media and education (at the children/young people level, not higher) so it was mostly a lot of teachers, lecturers and various new media service providers (people who do postacsts, video projects etc. with young people)

Tory Blogger lost most of the audience by claiming that in his opinion media courses were just a load of rubbish and then going on to tell young people to make the tea at their local paper, because that had worked out really well for the son of a friend of his who now ran, oh, Sky documentaries or something?

The moderator spent the rest of the day apologising, periodically.
11th Jul, 2008 15:23 (UTC)
Re: New Media
Wheeled-in speakers like that often annoy people by being off-message (i.e. by being reactionary biggoted twerps who think the world is like it was when they grew up in upper-middle-class-land or at very least that it still should be).
11th Jul, 2008 15:37 (UTC)
but his readers love this stuff
He also stated boldly that anyone over 50 was automatically a technological luddite, and used a very off-colour term to describe young people. The sound of a room full of technology and media teachers being first deeply unamused and then wincingly appalled was quite strange.

11th Jul, 2008 15:53 (UTC)
50? He is a twerp isn't he?
To state the obvious, someone now 50 will have been born in 1958, therefore will have been the ancient age of, ooh, 26 when the Apple Mac came out, which I think can probably be viewed as the watershed for non scientist/engineering types coming across computers doing things useful to them.
This stuff is not new any more.
11th Jul, 2008 13:30 (UTC)
it was a heated post :D

though I'm still going WTF at someone having a go at me for saying something as bland as" I like tesco". I mean jeez I'm going WAY out there on the contreversial remarks, oooh I like tesco I've offended nations of people *snickers*
11th Jul, 2008 13:41 (UTC)
lentils, eh -- who knew?
Some of my friends do do the debate thing quite vigorously, I fear. Still, you seemed well able to defend yourself!
11th Jul, 2008 14:21 (UTC)
Re: lentils, eh -- who knew?
yeah it highly amused me maybe in the wrong way. That was quite tame for me 0-0
11th Jul, 2008 16:34 (UTC)
I'm not getting sucked into any lentil-based controversy, you ought to stick to less emotive posts, about breastfeeding and such.
No one ever gets worked up and hormonal over breastfeeding.
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