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moments between posts

This also happened today:
  • 09:56 Goldfinch sharpening its beak on a powerline. Stop, the road says, in big yellow letters. I look for my bus, look back and it has flown.
  • 18:52 Trying on the controversy in m&s. Made in sri lanka the labels say. The nice red bra in the sea of mimsy pinks is as usual almost sold out.
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(Deleted comment)
15th Jul, 2008 09:58 (UTC)
They do have such a lovely song -- it makes them a popular cage bird. But, if it was singing, chances are there was another cage containing another (male) goldfinch about the place, as that's supposed to be the best way to make them sing.
(Deleted comment)
15th Jul, 2008 17:11 (UTC)
Is a penochka warbler, maybe?
19th Jul, 2008 14:06 (UTC)
Bras are pretty well the only clothing I still buy from M&S since they shut down their factory up North sacking 20,000 to outsource to the East as like yourself I am a well-appointed girl who just can't find proper support easily else(Bravissimo are useless). I got the last red lacy total support bra in my size the other week - sorry if that's the one you wanted!
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