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a bit of a paydirt day, information-wise

It's becoming pretty much second nature now to apologise when my pocket starts softly chiming. Today it was a mess of twitters marked #iwmw08, which I identified successfully as the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008. I'm kind of glad I'm not at it, on reflection. My boss is keen to send me out to network. Alas, I am very, very bad at networking. Kikass could probably set me right, though. What's Kikass? It's NLP for young people. They're also offering a session at a conference I'm not going to (off topic, thankfully). Do the googling yourself if you want to watch their "taster videos" -- I found them oddly compelling, for the body language alone. Also, spotting a colleague.

But here's the real paydirt. Maverick TV were also in my inbox, looking for reality TV stars of the teenage persuasion. That link, however, takes you to their full list of reality TV "opportunities". They're looking for "diverse beauties" and I think you all qualify, for my definition of "lucky ladies" is very, very broad indeed.

Apropos of nothing, they're also after a Ruby on rails developer.


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25th Jul, 2008 21:16 (UTC)
Oh! I am sorry about flooding your twitterbox with that stuff. And happy birthday!

The conference was quite good and I didn't do much proper networking, just, uh, strengthening existing relationships with colleagues. By which I mean "staying up till the small hours drinking with the rather gorgeous guy from the other central web team at the university", heh heh. I didn't learn much that I didn't already know, and there was rather a lot of 'what is the web communiteeeee all about' navel-gazing; but there were some good debates, some generally sound "oh yes we do that too and now I am slightly more motivated to fix it" kind of stuff, and thankfully not too much of 'which CMS is actually any good' (none) or 'how digital web2.0 technologies can make e-learning lots better by like totally speaking the students' language (ARGHHHHH I AM ALLERGIC TO E-LEARNING).

And ALSO I got to go on a sleeper train for the first time ever, to get there, and work paid for it (or will have done if I ever get round to doing expenses forms). So can't be bad eh.
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