Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

usb chameleon menaces kinder egg fishthing

I wonder, should I have bought cake for the office? I'm so seldom in for my birthday that I can't remember how it goes. Never mind, eh. Thanks very much to the various well wishers, I'll throw sheep at you later or something. For now, I must go find the best way to create an online flipbook for the condom - get it right booklet's online version. I'm thinking there may be more than one good answer.

Also, admiring the USB chameleon. I also have a light-up parrot-shaped pen that repeats what I say (as long at what I say isn't more than 6s long). The possibilities are -- well, expletive, mainly.

ETA: damn, that's a bit wobbly. Should have brought my gorillapod into work.

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