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Another fabulous fail on the househunting front, alas. More habitable than the last one, but still left suspecting that the landlord's selling it because it wouldn't pass even the least stringent of safety inspections. Dodgy electrics, crumbling plaster, puzzling gas. Damp speckling down from the ceilings around the back wall. And yet: two pianos. One of those amazing brushed steel ovens with a fish kettle burner. Luxurious accoutrements in a crumbling (albeit spacious) shell. But (given that our projected pricerange puts us between the scylla of pokiness and the charybdis of tumbledown) we might even have put in an offer ... if it hadn't been for the damp, the terrible, terrible damp.

Even if it's not about to become my local, though, does anyone fancy nipping along to the Ex to see Ballboy this Fri? I quite fancy it, but it's not really timscience's thing...

... and while we're on the subject of events, this Thu 31 July we're setting up the Caption Comics Collective* exhibition at the Old Jam Factory, and in the evening, we're having a first-night opening. There's a Facebook event thingy which I'm currently trying to steel myself to do a mass invite for, gah. Not very good at that sort of thing. Needless to say, all are most welcome.

*Matt Brooker (D'Israeli), Terry Wiley, David Baillie, Andrew Luke, Sally-Anne Hickman, Jess Bradley, Ellen Lindner, Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey (yes and me)


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29th Jul, 2008 13:37 (UTC)
Two pianos mad
There probably trying to breed them.
29th Jul, 2008 13:38 (UTC)
Re: Two pianos mad
It was a typo: I'm not one of those intenet idiots.
29th Jul, 2008 13:38 (UTC)
Re: Two pianos mad
Internet idiots.
29th Jul, 2008 14:12 (UTC)
Probably maybe
I've got the Ballboy gig noted down too. Stornoway are supporting, and I only saw a bit of them at Truck but liked what I saw. (They were in the incredibly full Market Tent, and there was another band on that I'd promised to see, at an overlapping time.)
29th Jul, 2008 14:32 (UTC)
Re: Probably maybe
would be good to see you!
29th Jul, 2008 14:43 (UTC)
I see last night you could has thunderstorm
mighty fine it was!

The other thing that tempts me - well, two things - both of which I'm fairly unlikely to get to - is/are:
ICA presents - Raymond Briggs and Bryan Talbot celebrating new editions of Gentleman Jim and The Tale Of One Bad Rat.</i> (ICA, August 2, 2008, between 3.30pm and 4.30pm)
Thomas Truax playing in Hastings, for Erica Smith's birthday! Wouldn't that be super-cool to go to.

But - I really really have to get the CAPTION timeline more or less in place (you said you'd give a hand, didn't you? can we get together over the weekend sometime?) and do something for the Montgolfiers panel on the Sunday of CAPTION.
29th Jul, 2008 14:51 (UTC)
wait, the Truax knows Erica?
It is a small world. I'm at the bookshop sat afternoon, but we could get together and bash out some stuff on Sunday?
29th Jul, 2008 16:16 (UTC)
Who knows - but plausibly so!
Sunday sounds great - thanks. My place, with wine and/or refreshing drinks? I have quite a lot prepared but need to pull it all together. Do you still have your laminator and some laminating pouches (or I could buy some pouches)?
29th Jul, 2008 16:52 (UTC)
yes, yes -- and I think so
I'll check the pouch supply to be sure.
29th Jul, 2008 14:15 (UTC)
Dodgy electrics, crumbling plaster, puzzling gas, damp.

Sounds like every rented flat I've ever lived. That can't be an obstacle to him renting it out surely.
29th Jul, 2008 14:37 (UTC)
point taken
--- and it is really quite full of tenants at the moment (which made me feel oh-so-good about looking round it) -- but I think it's a whisker away from everything collapsing into complete non-functionality
30th Jul, 2008 15:52 (UTC)
Re: point taken
You'll be fine for the house as long as you have a £50k allowance for reroofing, replastering, rewiring and gas plumbing. If you had an extra £50k though would you be looking at it?
30th Jul, 2008 16:09 (UTC)
-- it'll go for 50K under their asking price, I think, for that exact reason -- but that wouldn't translate to us suddenly having 50K to do it up with, unless Nationwide are prepared to advance us money for house repairs. I suspect that'll come up as a topic next week when we see mortgage adviser #2 (Tim's seeing another "in need of some modernisation" place today).
30th Jul, 2008 18:44 (UTC)
"In need of modernisation" covers everything from painted brown (they should have sacked their estate agents for that description) to has holes in the roof (the estate agent should have sacked his clients).
29th Jul, 2008 15:06 (UTC)
I *might* be playing drums with Stornoway again that night, in which case see you there!
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