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gallery opening an amazing success!

... actually, I'm lying there. The leaflets weren't printed up, we opened with one artist's work still in transit (Royal Mail special delivery not actually that special shock), I got rained on and I had to pop out twice for more hooks. Oh pretzelled nails joy!

Still, hats off to the man andyluke, it's a fine show, and people turned up, and they seemed to have fun. Next opening is the Friday before Caption (Aug 8th) but the gallery/bar itself is open daily 10am-11pm, serves nice food and tasty beer, and the happy hour is a just-left-work friendly 5-7pm, so if you're around central Oxford do drop by and check it out. Comics on gallery walls, though --- it always seems a bit kinky to me, a bit perverse. Aren't they meant to be secret things, read in private and great detail?

Anyway, there's also this week's strip, the hurrying sky, about aspects of summer that always leave me sad.

the hurrying sky - detail
the hurrying sky - detail
I'm listening to music!

P.S. Appropriately enough (as one of the works on show is my old love letter to the spambot from nanaimo) I seem to have snagged another lovely spambot. Check out its excellent work:

Subject : toilsome otter

schoolboy binocular capsize

paginate decouple indubitable? canna, phenylalanine cavalcade.
aqueduct gules hamilton drafty hectic infix, macdougall
oresteia altercate module otter hamilton.

schoolboy plumbate.


( 4 worms — Feed the birds )
1st Aug, 2008 12:55 (UTC)
I do feel sorry for the schoolboy.
1st Aug, 2008 14:18 (UTC)
Sorry I couldn't make it
Acupuncture, dehydration, no food in my and a guest due over.
Hope to make the next one but is that ticketed or not?
1st Aug, 2008 16:09 (UTC)
that's fine!
No tickets, free entrance.
2nd Aug, 2008 18:07 (UTC)
I totally know what you mean about the hurrying sky.
( 4 worms — Feed the birds )