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it's been a stellar day for spam

An innovation in spam! The headers are now beginning to bring me news headlines that relate to stories I might want to see. True, about seventy percent of them are lies, but that's probably up there with a gossip magazine or tabloid, accuracy wise --and far less likely to send me into boiling rage, because spam is robot-generated, whereas there are actual people behind headlines like these. Informational nuggets in the spamfall, that lead me (via the medium of a quick google) to items like this exquisitely cute video of a duckling feeding carp!

Other spam headers hint at stories which are probably lies -- "FBI watching possible terrorists on Facebook". Tsk, FBI, just watching? I'm not going to take you seriously until you chuck a sheep at me, give me an egg that'll hatch into a small clip-art pterodactyl and give me some yellow roses that will mysteriously save the rainforest. Then we can talk -- well, glitter guns.

One mysterious spam headline that's been coming into the inbox is "Smoking hot model on a rampage", which is somehow quite funny (not spamusement level, but still). That one's not for googling, though -- and even if I did find out what it was referring to, I think it would be a sad disappointment.

Oh, and Happy Friday, from me and my voice recording parrot pen (who is still swearing up a storm)!

happy friday from Tourette's Parrot
happy friday from Tourette's Parrot
Today he is mostly saying BUTTOCKS!