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RAGE!!! also -- caption

I'm a bundle of fury this week. Just a warning. If I hear Radio 4 or accidentally end up reading an article in The Telegraph, I may descend without warning into paroxysms of swearing as oh, yet another working mother suffers agonies of guilt because she only feeds her children a decent meal every evening (jeeesus, job done!) or someone reveals to me that I could magically slash my fuel bills or weekly rubbish by doing exactly what I'm doing right now. B*****KS! BLOODY BRITISH GAS! THINK THEY CAN KEEP MY CUSTOM BY SENDING ME LOW ENERGY LIGHTBULBS! I'M ALREADY USING THEM YOU N**S!

uuurgh. See what I mean.

So, I must calm myself. Read (Berryfield head gardener) alys_fowler's blog, snigger at the embarrassingly stage-managed "crises" in Lost Land of the Jaguar, wonder absentmindedly if the Magwilde and flame-haired German Bekker of Bonekickers are actually exes.

Speaking of the Jaguar, I think birds are getting short shrift on the programme -- they keep on being used as scenery, with little exploration of what species are being shown, how rare they are, or anything. It's possible that this is because the birds are already well documented, but would it kill them to say so? Well, in this spirit, why not find out a bit more about the fascinating habits of the antwren, whose fluffy nest-based activities were so cute this week?

P.S. Caption: I plan to meet up with some people at the Old Jam Factory tomorrow around 6-ish or later, set-up is happening on saturday from 9.30am, any more questions, ask.


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7th Aug, 2008 11:54 (UTC)
I will head to the Jam Factory after I have arrived and arranged myself in Ox. See you there!
7th Aug, 2008 12:21 (UTC)
I'm coming down in the afternoon, maybe we could meet for food before booze at the Jam factory?
7th Aug, 2008 12:23 (UTC)
Could do -- or will we just dine on jam? I'll keep in touch via mobile.
7th Aug, 2008 13:15 (UTC)
I'm going to need something more absorbant than Jam.
7th Aug, 2008 13:16 (UTC)
Jam Factory does do food, here is menu:

7th Aug, 2008 13:22 (UTC)
7th Aug, 2008 13:22 (UTC)
Mouth watering now.
7th Aug, 2008 13:47 (UTC)
Oh, and for no reason at all, (since you may have never heard of the SuperLambBanana.)

Have a Lamb crossed with a Banana crossed with a Stegosaurus.
7th Aug, 2008 14:01 (UTC)
7th Aug, 2008 14:21 (UTC)
Is there any relationship between those and the pigs in Bath?
7th Aug, 2008 14:23 (UTC)
I wouldn't have thought so.
7th Aug, 2008 14:45 (UTC)
I've been following the exploits of dinopig:

7th Aug, 2008 14:46 (UTC)
zomg. and not in a good way.
7th Aug, 2008 14:55 (UTC)
I've got the rage this week as well. I blame the media. And bad driving. And GODDAMN TONER CARTRIDGES.

I could go on.
7th Aug, 2008 16:19 (UTC)
New government healthy eating initiatives! Broken computers! badly designed jeans! Buses! All of them!
8th Aug, 2008 08:36 (UTC)
Rain! Slugs! Letting agents! Media outlets that render all debate pointless by asking all the questions in bad faith! All of them!
7th Aug, 2008 15:54 (UTC)
British Gas get paid by the government to send you low energy light bulbs as part of their remit to improve energy efficiency. So your taxes pay for the bulbs they have sent you.
7th Aug, 2008 16:16 (UTC)
not helping with the rage here
7th Aug, 2008 15:54 (UTC)
Do y'all have special pick-up for burned-out low energy florescent bulbs?

Sara and I have to take ours out of state since there's no place in Illinois that can do it.
7th Aug, 2008 16:15 (UTC)
Good question. Can't remember the last time one burned out on me, mind. They last for years.

Yes, looks like it. They're on the recycling list for our local depot.
7th Aug, 2008 16:18 (UTC)
Re: huh
We have lovely curbside recycling in my town, but we have to save up our bulbs until we go out of state.

Sadly, not enough people know to recycle them. If you don't do it then when the mercury gets out they're actually worse than traditional bulbs. :(
7th Aug, 2008 17:06 (UTC)
What is N**S ?

(I now steer well away from all such rage-inducing things, once it occurred to me that I was never the intended target of it all anyway...)
8th Aug, 2008 09:14 (UTC)
Refers to certain crucial parts of a gentleman's anatomy.
7th Aug, 2008 21:26 (UTC)
Ooh! Ta for the Alys link, I adore samphire and that Salsola stuff sounds very interesting.
8th Aug, 2008 05:47 (UTC)
Well, if they're willing to pay you X in the form of posted CFL to use their product less, this really should be taken to the logical conclusion - they should pay you to stop using them entirely. ;-)

Edited at 2008-08-08 05:47 (UTC)
8th Aug, 2008 14:14 (UTC)
I could magically slash my fuel bills or weekly rubbish by doing exactly what I'm doing right now

monkeyhands parodied this advice as "why not save money by using the smaller of your two cars?" /-:
11th Aug, 2008 15:04 (UTC)
Hey, it was great meeting you at Caption! And also to put a face to the name in Whores of Mensa, you people rock.
11th Aug, 2008 19:17 (UTC)
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