Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

RAGE!!! also -- caption

I'm a bundle of fury this week. Just a warning. If I hear Radio 4 or accidentally end up reading an article in The Telegraph, I may descend without warning into paroxysms of swearing as oh, yet another working mother suffers agonies of guilt because she only feeds her children a decent meal every evening (jeeesus, job done!) or someone reveals to me that I could magically slash my fuel bills or weekly rubbish by doing exactly what I'm doing right now. B*****KS! BLOODY BRITISH GAS! THINK THEY CAN KEEP MY CUSTOM BY SENDING ME LOW ENERGY LIGHTBULBS! I'M ALREADY USING THEM YOU N**S!

uuurgh. See what I mean.

So, I must calm myself. Read (Berryfield head gardener) alys_fowler's blog, snigger at the embarrassingly stage-managed "crises" in Lost Land of the Jaguar, wonder absentmindedly if the Magwilde and flame-haired German Bekker of Bonekickers are actually exes.

Speaking of the Jaguar, I think birds are getting short shrift on the programme -- they keep on being used as scenery, with little exploration of what species are being shown, how rare they are, or anything. It's possible that this is because the birds are already well documented, but would it kill them to say so? Well, in this spirit, why not find out a bit more about the fascinating habits of the antwren, whose fluffy nest-based activities were so cute this week?

P.S. Caption: I plan to meet up with some people at the Old Jam Factory tomorrow around 6-ish or later, set-up is happening on saturday from 9.30am, any more questions, ask.

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