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The sudden withdrawal of Twitter is still smarting. On the bright side, though, if you text me now I'll probably answer it rather than assume it's a witticism from the talented masses. No more twitters from queues or busstops, though, as the other end of the double whammy is that the UK Twitter number has been classified as premium, off the package or overseas by enough UK providers that we're all back on the web gateway, disconsolately exchanging links.

Speaking of which, here's one, from rhodri: blip.fm. It's like a planet-sized muxtape and it's probably best tried out before it runs into scaling issues!

Meh, enough of this. Real news. Gideon and Diana were married last friday! We got caught in Formula 3 traffic, so arrived just as the exchange of vows was getting underway. The rings were red gold, the canapes plentiful, the speeches were delivered from an elaborate arts and crafts staircase and the venue was reminiscent of one of those country house episodes of Dr Who. The photographer managed not to fall off his stepladder, and for the party, Diana had a glam swing-skirt fifties number and an elvis curl in her hair. Damian has photos, mine will follow.

Rest of the weekend was spent in Portsmouth, on family visits, so I can finally cross "visit the beach" off my 43 Things. I also bought a groovy bird camouflage top, so if I need to infiltrate any wildfowl reserves, I'm ready. The wind promptly spattered coffee foam down it (in the way of new tops) but Tim's mum did a quick rescue. Later, I helped neibling-in-unlaw do an archaeological excavation in his sandbox (it included dinosaurs, but he wasn't convinced by paleological as a word). He also has an enormous dinosaur on his bedroom wall!

I got home in time for Britain from Above, and the discovery that, just down the road, is the last great Folly of England, Faringdon Folly, along with a tiny snippet about how Lord Berners (who built it) dyed his pigeons rainbow colours, a practice that "continues to this day"! The internet was in two minds about that (though I turned up this lovely photograph) but I discovered that among his observations of dyed pigeons (a harmless, vegetable dye, o anxious ones) was that once dyed, pigeons mated only with those who had been dyed the same colour. Lord Berners was, according to Andrew Marr, "mad as cheese", so his pronouncements on this (as on all things) should be taken with a lorryload of salt. That aside, though -- anyone fancy a visit?

In other news, can you just assume that I did that manga face meme and was cute if kind of generic, and I did that food meme and scored somewhere around 50% as I'd not bothered to use google to translate from the American?


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18th Aug, 2008 17:28 (UTC)
Thank you
am blipping now
18th Aug, 2008 22:44 (UTC)
thought you'd like that :D
18th Aug, 2008 22:46 (UTC)
Re: ha!
18th Aug, 2008 17:44 (UTC)
Farringdon Folly did sound cool so a visit seems like a good idea. I was also reminded by the programme that it has been half a lifetime since I went to either the White Horse or Weyland's smithy.
18th Aug, 2008 22:41 (UTC)
I don't think I've ever been to either of them!
19th Aug, 2008 08:18 (UTC)
I went on a very misty atmospheric day. Weyland smithy was a dark brooding neolithic burial site - a bit like Winchcombe. The White Horse was the best of the chalk cut horses. Hard to believe it has been maintained every year for 3000 years - even through revolution and plague - because if you stop maintaining it for a year it disappears. They did stop in the second world war but had photos to use to reconstruct it.
18th Aug, 2008 17:54 (UTC)
Never used Twitter, but what happened to it?
18th Aug, 2008 22:40 (UTC)
Gosh, I really don't know. But there's no support for its sms features any more outside of a few countries, and the UK is not one of the favoured few.
19th Aug, 2008 08:22 (UTC)
The Folly sounds like a lovely day trip - definitely let me know if/when you head over for a viewing.
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