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the workload

Just got a load of stuff from the Self Harm Alliance through the mail (for job-related reasons) ... it contained lots of stuff about being understanding, and how horribly traumatic everything is, and about what self-harm isn't, but not a whole lot about what it is, or what can be done about it (if you want to). I'll never figure out how to stop pulling out my hair. *sigh* On the pile for tomorrow. It did, however, have one of the best-named charities ever in its resources list, the campaign against living miserably. Sorry, only open to men aged 15-24.

Feeling paranoid?

Letting you know what they're likely to know about you; the Office of Surveillance Commissioners. Of course it's probably just what they want you to think that they're likely to know about you.


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9th Jul, 2002 03:26 (UTC)
the campaign against living miserably. Sorry, only open to men aged 15-24.

I can't tell you how much that's cheered me up.
9th Jul, 2002 07:24 (UTC)
apparently they're one of the groups most at risk from suicide
... the rest of us presumably having figured out how to cope with living miserably. Or something. I don't know, I think the campaign against living miserably sounds more like a pro-suicide group than anything else.
9th Jul, 2002 03:46 (UTC)
If you mouseover the email addresses in their personals section, you'll find that a couple of somewhat contradictory ads lead to the same hotmail address (assuming that the person looking to experiment with men is a man).

9th Jul, 2002 07:26 (UTC)
I could ask you why -
- you were looking through the Gay Cumbria, Weardale & Derwentside personal ads, but why pry?

(From a practical perspective, many personal ad services offer their users some sort of neutral mail-box)
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