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dreamed I woke up I dreamed

Two sips of Lemon Tea. Two sips! My arms don't feel like they're mine and my head feels like a plane shooting in an out of clouds. I miss my coffee!

... and, for some reason, this morning the rain smells of the sea.

Perhaps the two are connected, perhaps the gale-force winds and mini-tornados that scooped up the rain from the sea many miles away from this landlocked town disturbed my sleep so I kept on and on with the dream, wake up, dream, wake-up ....

In one of the wake-ups I must have turned off my alarm. Consciousness that isn't awake and sleep that isn't restful. Woke up fast, bus to work, time to work now.

I'm writing an information page about alcohol and sensible drinking for young people. (You may laugh now.)