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I've worn a hole in my foot from walking too fast. That's not right. And I seem to have some alium seeds in my back pocket. From where?

Oh, and anyone in Oxford and not doing anything else TOMORROW, yes, that is TOMORROW night might want to swing by the jam factory where we'll be doing something comicsy to mark the end of the Caption Comics Collective group exhibition. What it is is, I do not know. Jamming, finishing the Comic book tarot book, and drawing on big sheets of paper, I expect. If either damiancugley or oxfordhacker were able to scare up a data projector, we might be able to put some of it on the wall, too. Any chance?

Andy's heading on over at 3pm (I think? Or maybe later?) and there's a happy hour at 5-7pm (I'll be arriving for that) and Ellen is due in as soon as the traffic allows her (7.30pm maybe?) The current offer on is a two course meal for £7.50, so I'll probably eat there, too.

Anyway, it's your last chance to see this:

9 panel grid

For, oh, at least seven days. And you won't believe where it (well, a panel of it) is going next.


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28th Aug, 2008 17:37 (UTC)
The adventures of two friends who probably play too many online games and think that saying stuff like "I'm a black belt in karate!" is a good way to stop a gang of thirty angry young adults beating the shit out of them.

click for MOAR.
28th Aug, 2008 20:42 (UTC)
Eh?? What?? You're not my niece! Get off my lawn!

...actually, *are* you my niece?
28th Aug, 2008 18:42 (UTC)
Look, you're on the Forbidden Planet Blog's 'Comics That Must Be Released As Books' List!

28th Aug, 2008 20:36 (UTC)
hooray for me!
ah yes. That would explain the sudden invasion of small electrokiddies above.
29th Aug, 2008 02:12 (UTC)
Re: hooray for me!
Ah bless Bats Madham. Well done you.

Made the Books List too has Sleaze Castle/Petra Ecetera by Terry Wiley - exhibited at ker-ching ker-ching the Jam Factory. That was of course the cash register in my soul !

Yep I'll be there from 3pm or so, hopefully in frenzied draw.

28th Aug, 2008 22:10 (UTC)
Hey Jeremy!
Thanks ever so for the tips on transport and dinner...Stephen and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!
A demain,
Ellen L.
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