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house progress - this week's strip

House moving continues at the usual snail's pace: I've passed on my interest in the current place to damiancugley, but not yet moved out. It's on the cards, though, as soon as timscience and myself can stir an eddy on the stagnant pool that is the current UK housing market. This means that if you've been meaning to come round for fondue, a visit, or merely to goggle at my shelves/pond/embarassingly large fashion doll collection, you should -- sometime in the next month or so.

Needless to say I'm up to my armpits in piles of stuff that needs sorting out, service lines with quarter-hour waits, and fretful pacing through property websites.

All the house stuff does mean that I've had a few mad weeks which means that the drawing had being slipping. Apologies are due most of all to my co-whores who are now waiting for me to finish Les Chthulettes, although of course the weekly strip has been lagging, too. Which means that this week's strip is leapfrogging forward over about five others. They will get their time, though. I often go back and fill in weeks using scripts I didn't have time to draw at the time.

big pile of stuff to sort out
big pile of stuff to sort out
much of which I don't even remember

Also, in response to being named in the Forbidden Planet Blog among the top ten comics that haven't been turned into books yet (thankyou, Mr Badham), number 30-something on one of my lists is "turn the weekly strip into a book".

However, it is going to be a great deal of work, even if I keep corrections and revisions to an absolute minimum. Going down to four-days-a-week type amount of work. A glance back at the first paragraph should explain why, for the moment, that's not a possibility.


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29th Aug, 2008 12:30 (UTC)
I've been asking for a Weekly Strip book for AGES, make this a Top 10 priority please!
29th Aug, 2008 12:47 (UTC)
You may need to fund the drop down to 4 days a week at that rate
It would be great to see a Weekly Strip book, I agree. I'd be happy to help out in any way I could but I suspect it's a matter of the creator herself going thru to correct & revise...
29th Aug, 2008 12:57 (UTC)
I'll doubtless need some proofing at some stage, and may yet call in that offer!
29th Aug, 2008 13:26 (UTC)
Likewise, anything that could be done to help... - I'd love to own such a book!
29th Aug, 2008 22:09 (UTC)
that's okay, I'm not quite sone myself...and I don't even have a good excuse..
30th Aug, 2008 15:53 (UTC)
I LOVE this strip. Thank you.
30th Aug, 2008 18:35 (UTC)
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