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A very strange dream this morning: an electric fog descended suddenly on Florence Park and when I tried to get into my house to shelter, hundreds of cats ran past me in silent single file and instantly hid themselves. In other news, the washing machine has been leaking discreetly for some time, but yesterday got careless and was obvious about it. I now have a new part on order, and am considering what to do about the problem behind the washing machine. I suspect any solution starts with "allow to dry out thoroughly", though.

This bright yellow hoodie is tormenting me. It's not me at all and far too expensive, and yet... on the other hand, my "no new tops while current purchases in transit" rule is still in play. So much for that.

I have a glut of pears. Suggestions? Savory solutions are especially welcome. Also - happy friday. Have an autumn rose in sunset colours. Not mine, alas -- it's in a sqaure foot of dirt outside a house at the bottom of Cowley Road. It's an urban rose.

autumn rose
autumn rose
Glowing by the road.


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12th Sep, 2008 11:26 (UTC)
M&S have gone well edgy - how unexpected. I love how different the M&S model is from the way you look, and how the top would look so much more fitting on you!
12th Sep, 2008 12:49 (UTC)
catalogue models, tsk
hmm, she does look a bit lost in a hoodie.
Re: catalogue models, tsk - white_hart - 12th Sep, 2008 13:10 (UTC) - Expand
12th Sep, 2008 11:37 (UTC)
Pears are good for chutneying, particularly if they're hard ones (Conference are ideal) and not yet fully ripe.
12th Sep, 2008 12:50 (UTC)
fears the conserves
I don't do chutney. Traumatic childhood experiences.
Re: fears the conserves - undyingking - 12th Sep, 2008 13:19 (UTC) - Expand
12th Sep, 2008 11:43 (UTC)
I like pears in a salad with feta cheese and that would be very nice with a bit of fancy black forest or parma ham.

I love that rose. It's beaming at me from my desktop now.
12th Sep, 2008 12:51 (UTC)
Mmmm, lovely. Might do for a weekend lunchtime. (glances out of window) Oh christ that's a lot of rain
12th Sep, 2008 11:47 (UTC)
Thank god the washing machine is leaking discreetly, the thought of an object leaking indiscreetly I find rather disturbing.

That yellow hoodie torments me and all, though possibly not in the same way it torments you.
12th Sep, 2008 12:53 (UTC)
I think I'd have preferred an obvious leak, that way I'd've caught it before the alarming damp patch had gathered.

I'm drawn to the colour yellow! I can't help it!
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12th Sep, 2008 11:50 (UTC)
Pears bake beautifully in copious amounts of ginger wine - if you add brown sugar to the dish at the start you basically get sticky ginger toffee sauce at the end.
12th Sep, 2008 12:55 (UTC)
winning recipe!
Especially as I have all the necessary at home.
12th Sep, 2008 13:17 (UTC)
I belive Pear, Walnut and Stilton are comonly put together in salads.

But pears baked in ginger wine...another new thing to try in my new oven!! (sorry, we've been waiting four and a half months for the oven to be fixed)
12th Sep, 2008 14:09 (UTC)
(glances out of window) Not really salad weather. Maybe a flan?
12th Sep, 2008 13:47 (UTC)
Yellow Hoodie...
Does it Mean Something that I dreamt of going to a yellow world last night? It's a colour I don't care all that much for, although I sometimes wear it in an 'ironic' way, y'know?
Anyway, I found it a bit scary there...I did see SOMEONE IN A HOODY on the street, though. (It was a bit like a spruced-up, all-yellow SILENT HILL,there, except it wasn't snowing.)
12th Sep, 2008 14:08 (UTC)
What's yellow -- compulsivity? Nausea? Dreaming all in one colour sounds like it ought to be a symptom of something.

I'd like to know what having a back garden full of silent, running cats is all about. It seems like it ought to be symbolic of something but I can't for the life of me figure out what.
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12th Sep, 2008 14:25 (UTC)
Bring the pears to the boil in water with sugar and immediately put them in jars and fill to the brim with the sugar water. They last for years.
12th Sep, 2008 14:25 (UTC)
People have already said salad and you have dismissed it
in the US I had a very nice pear, gorgonzola, and walnut salad a couple of times - toppped with hot steak o'course to be properly USian.

Spiced pear in wine is nice, with cloves & cinnamon. Not too sweet.

I expect you could probably put pear in a stew if you didn't cook it too long. It would add a bit of sweetness and some bulk. On the same lines as parsnips or indeed apple, of course.
12th Sep, 2008 15:57 (UTC)
no salad! look outside!
Pear and pheasant stew strikes me as a likely combination of flavours.
yesyesyes iknow yousaid - jinty - 12th Sep, 2008 16:15 (UTC) - Expand
12th Sep, 2008 14:26 (UTC)
Bring the pears to the boil in water with sugar and immediately put them in jars and fill to the brim with the sugar water. They last for years.
12th Sep, 2008 15:58 (UTC)
Re: Pear
Remind me again why I need pears to last for years? The tree'll have more by next September.
Re: Pear - zengineer - 12th Sep, 2008 17:01 (UTC) - Expand
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