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Yesterday I discovered, on drifting through a pile of links I'd saved for later, that Bacchus had turned into a gastropub.

In a state of shock, I went home and cooked portobello mushroom, black pudding and a rasher of oxford bacon piled loosely on a fluffy bed of parsnip, pepper and parmesan mash, with seared garden tomatoes, herbed sausage and florets of broccoli and cauliflower in a white wine jus. Pudding was spiced pear and grape in red wine with fruit bread and soured cream.

I'm having a house day today. I wonder what I should start on? The kitchen, I suppose.


25th Sep, 2008 10:30 (UTC)
Mind you, it sounds more within my budget now..

"Every week we have a Rib of Beef and a Loin of Pork served with all the trimmings for £11"