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the herbs have left the cupboard

I ran out of pears before I ran out of ways with pears, so a major win there, even if the pears didn't ripen very well in the wet autumn and many got smashed off the tree by wind and rain. I think my favourite treatment was Boozy Blue Pears in dark chocolate cups, although Pear and Butternut Squash Soup came a close second. I still have a bowlful to go, although that may go into freezer bags as future pie.

The tomatoes are still rattling on, too, although the leaves are yellow and the slugs have discovered that they can eat the red ones :( I'd definitely go for this variety again, though (gardener's delight cherry) as they were a doddle to grow and have been super productive.

I still haven't got round to posting that thing where you put all your shoes in a circle and photograph them, but I did end up clearing out my herb cupboard, which provides a similar note-adding opportunity. Somehow I think this is a shot less likely to attract internet creeps, though. Unless they're really, really into marjoram.

Click on through for annotations and rhapsodies about Ajowan seeds.

the herbs and the spices


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7th Oct, 2008 17:01 (UTC)
What differentiates expensive rosemary from the stuff I grow in my garden?
7th Oct, 2008 17:08 (UTC)
Apart from the difference in flavour between fresh herbs and dried herbs, where a plant is grown, how much sun it gets, how heavily it's rained on, etc. affects its flavour -- so this is Rosemary from sunny, mediterranean climes. The Rosemary I have growing out back under grey English skies sees plenty of use, too too, of course!
7th Oct, 2008 17:14 (UTC)
have found the herb in question
7th Oct, 2008 19:57 (UTC)
Re: have found the herb in question
Ah, cool
7th Oct, 2008 17:29 (UTC)
No circle large enough for all my shoes.

Disturbingly. I wasn't aware that I was even that bothered by shoes. Boots on the other hand....(or foot.)
7th Oct, 2008 18:13 (UTC)
Future Pie
If I was to start a band now, I would call it Future Pie. What a happy combination of words!
8th Oct, 2008 07:26 (UTC)
Re: Future Pie
Hey, I'd go and see you!
8th Oct, 2008 15:23 (UTC)
Would your fans be grou-pies?
7th Oct, 2008 23:59 (UTC)
I tidied our herb/spice drawer a few months back. Trouble is, I haven't the faintest idea what most of them do. They'll probably stay there until the lot crumbles into dust.
8th Oct, 2008 07:28 (UTC)
properly dried and stored, herbs and spices last for many years
I had a herb of the month calendar, oh, years ago now. It was great, though. Anna thinks we should all be doing a comic book recipe book, maybe I should do some about herbs
8th Oct, 2008 15:21 (UTC)
If you produce one, definitely put me down for a copy.

Any whispers you're aware of yet as to whether there'll be another Caption?
8th Oct, 2008 16:24 (UTC)
The current committee show no sign of running out of steam yet, and have already been planning next year's theme.
8th Oct, 2008 16:28 (UTC)
Excellent. I really missed Caption this year (for once, Ann and I had even planned to join you all on the Friday; not sure if I'll have the cash to do that next year, though).
8th Oct, 2008 06:27 (UTC)
Ways with pears
May I cast a vote for venison and pear stew flavoured with sumac (and parmesan dumplings)?
8th Oct, 2008 07:29 (UTC)
Re: Ways with pears
Oh, that reminds me, I was going to do pheasant and pear hotpot, wasn't I? Mmm, pheasant's in season now!
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