Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

strange dreams, pre-selection of the past

I had a weird dream this morning, a new twist on the familiar house/kittens anxiety dream. In this one I was working house to house on a council rubbish and recycling job with monkeyhands and there was a house with cats on the roof. On closer inspection, there was also a cat on the windowsill, then a lot more cats on the windowsill, some of them kittens. I went closer to try and photograph this incredible cat crowd and the smallest, cutest kitten turned round and it had three eyes! It was still cute. Disturbing but cute.

When I told timscience about this he said we would look after all the kittens until they were rehomed, apart from the tiny mutant which we would keep ourselves and call it Kittenface McNulty and use it to scare off the door to door electricity salesmen.

I've started on the pile of artwork. Everything must go. Well, not everything, obviously. But everything that's really no good must go. There's actually rather less of it than I thought, anyway. Maybe I lost some in a previous move. Although comic art is very compact to store compared to, say, oil paintings. I'm turning up also, here and there, bits of art by other people, some I still know, some I've long since drifted out of touch with -- a few, I can't even remember who they are -- and some, well. I'm putting some bits into piles for people; some others I'll pick out for a zine show next year.

The other thing I'm doing is going through the photos. I've been a compulsive photographer of nonsense ever since I saved up cereal packet tokens for my first camera, and the great winnowing of that heap is going swimmingly. Along the way, I'm finding that I have masses of photographs of all of you, looking fabulous. Don't worry about the shots of you pulling a funny face or looking a bit weird, they're all going in the recycling. You will be glamorous. You have no choice in the matter.

I think this Christmas should probably be the year when I pull my finger out and pass on all those promised prints to the people concerned.

P.S. M&S are at it again! A 3/4 length white faux fur/silver snakeskin coat! I'd show you, but it looks like it's too exciting to be on their website. That sullen brown-haired model they use for everything would probably snap under its over-the-top inappropriateness.

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