Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

on election day I sat down and wept

Last night I slept badly. My mind kept chasing nonsense over and over. I couldn't get comfortable. I bruised myself badly on a trendy Ikea chair at the weekend, in one of those WTF? accidents, and the pain keeps drifting out and bothering me, but I don't think that's altogether why I'm anxious.

Yesterday's Snowmail closed off with this comment:

"I can remember no US election like it and I have covered every one since 1984. This is either going to deliver a black president or the biggest upset since Truman beat Dewey in 1948!"

So yes, I'm anxious. I remember elections which looked like they were going one way that suddenly got smacked down by an explosion of selfishness in the privacy of the voting booth. I remember watching Strictly Come Dancing at my mother's and watching the judges' desperate attempts to counterbalance the phone votes of the great racist public.

Obviously, I want Barack Obama to win. There's no other choice, really -- I mean, either you get the most important man in the world, one who will be observed, scrutinised, judged and held up to vast expectations like no-one ever before him, a hero president with all the attendant dangers (fall from grace, assassination, compromise) that comes with that. Or it's a pair of cunning, sneaky, giggling idiots who know they can get away with anything, absolutely anything.

For the record, I hope he wins. I hope he gets the support and strength he needs to make the world a better place. But I'm not expecting him to change the world. In fact, I want him to win because the world has already changed, and is better than I remember it being.

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