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on election day I sat down and wept

Last night I slept badly. My mind kept chasing nonsense over and over. I couldn't get comfortable. I bruised myself badly on a trendy Ikea chair at the weekend, in one of those WTF? accidents, and the pain keeps drifting out and bothering me, but I don't think that's altogether why I'm anxious.

Yesterday's Snowmail closed off with this comment:

"I can remember no US election like it and I have covered every one since 1984. This is either going to deliver a black president or the biggest upset since Truman beat Dewey in 1948!"

So yes, I'm anxious. I remember elections which looked like they were going one way that suddenly got smacked down by an explosion of selfishness in the privacy of the voting booth. I remember watching Strictly Come Dancing at my mother's and watching the judges' desperate attempts to counterbalance the phone votes of the great racist public.

Obviously, I want Barack Obama to win. There's no other choice, really -- I mean, either you get the most important man in the world, one who will be observed, scrutinised, judged and held up to vast expectations like no-one ever before him, a hero president with all the attendant dangers (fall from grace, assassination, compromise) that comes with that. Or it's a pair of cunning, sneaky, giggling idiots who know they can get away with anything, absolutely anything.

For the record, I hope he wins. I hope he gets the support and strength he needs to make the world a better place. But I'm not expecting him to change the world. In fact, I want him to win because the world has already changed, and is better than I remember it being.


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5th Nov, 2008 14:47 (UTC)
Easy to call it now
I dropped in at Tim's election party for a bit, just long enough to eat some vegan cakes and boggle at Tim's giant TV and the array of laptops the young people brought with them, and then dragged myself home to go to bed because I had work tomorrow-- but ended up staying up long enough to see Eddie Izzard saying that the 'third millennium starts now, or in about half an hour', which I figured was probably going to be the best quote of the night.
5th Nov, 2008 23:26 (UTC)
Yes We Did It! :-)
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