Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

autumn colour explosion - happy friday

Isn't it lovely out there at the moment? The trees look like fireworks! Cosmic greens and yellows and reds. The Australian flowers in the gardens joining in with shadowy evergreen leaves and firey colours, red and gold. Speaking of which, my Bottlebrush Plant (which I thought dead for sure after an unfortunate late frost on fresh growth incident) has resurrected! Hats off to its tenaciousness. Inside, the last of the tomatoes are ripening (I made a umami-rich pasta sauce last night with everything that seemed keener on going squishy than ripening) and my pot plants are luxuriating in slanting low sun. Mellow and fruitful!

Happy Friday, from me and this leaf, which flung itself at my head as I was walking into work:

yellow lime leaf

There's a bit more autumn colour on the click through, and some photos from Kew Gardens Xstrata Treetop walk and Rhizotron.
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