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news, brief and factual

I'm not sure how much I can go on about my wedding plans. Its a pretty dull topic at the best of times, and now? It seems in poor taste, somehow, like boasting about your rude health at a funeral. So forget about that. I'll figure out something.

Tim's flat is still failing to sell on its slashed price, and everyone's else's slashed prices are colder and colder comfort. I'm edging toward the dark (and possibly reality-menacing) suspicion that Jeremy Clarkson may be right, and what we have now may be what we're stuck with. In the past few months, sales of flats in our area has pretty much stopped. So there's that.

I went out to one of Tim's London gigs on Saturday, and Lewisham is nicer than I remember it being but still a pig to get to. The guy who runs the gigs there looked so much like a character I'd design for those old ongoing series I couldn't maintain in the face of a full-time job...

Speaking of which, I bit the bullet, stifled my financial anxieties, and asked my boss about going down to part time should I, say, be awarded a residency at the V&A, and he said yes. So I'll be going for that, although to be honest I'm not even expecting to be shortlisted; they've framed it so that it's open to new arts graduates, people working in other areas who sort of fancy doing comics, and so on, so everyone from here to kingdom come is going to apply. Including, doubtless, many of my friends.

On Sunday I converted my old black bins (no longer in use) into specialist compost bins, one for leaf mould, the other for acidic compost (I'm giving my robust worms soft lelandii clippings, to see what they can do, following a successful experiment with an old wheelbarrow full of well-rotted lelandia and some heathers). It's all looking very farmyard back here, said Damian.

Well, we do what we know, I guess.

P.S. I've just realised that I've been forgetting to post my post-date weekly strips (while my computer was out of action, they stacked up a bit). There's about three up on the all-new www.jeremydennis.co.uk but the one most relevant to you lot is called Overload the System.


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12th Nov, 2008 09:23 (UTC)
Overload The System
Yeah, I have that too - I've given up saying "I know them.." even to myself because Rachel complains that I know *all of Oxford*. And have introduced them to her. Though that's impossible, because I can never remember their names.

Thanks for the prod that there are strips that weren't signalled on the blog.. all good stuff.

How about lunch on Tues 25th? x
12th Nov, 2008 16:26 (UTC)
I know what she means...
Yes, that should be fine, you're in the diary
12th Nov, 2008 09:47 (UTC)
Arf - The strip, I have summat similar. People run up to me saying "Hi Moto! Long time no see etc." While I try and smile and nod all the time thinking "who the foosh are they?"
My fault, I never was too good on multi-tasking, I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. "I'm shopping! How am I supposed to remember people simultaneously!"

As for the V&A, you do have an edge on many applicants. I got the impression that they wanted an extroverted artist willing to run workshops with "young people" as well as draw. There's a lot of great artists who can draw, but few like you who can draw brilliantly and instantly and workshop people, and potentially hard to reach yoofs at that. (Many artists I know would find that too terrifying to contemplate.)
I'd play up your work experience as well as your comics experience.

Oh, and weddings.
12th Nov, 2008 10:52 (UTC)
Yes - I agree -- play up the workshop running experience and the experience with coping with the kidz.
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12th Nov, 2008 13:01 (UTC)
V&A Thing...
I agree with Moto. Your being outgoing and good at running workshops, coping with (tremble-) yoofs, etc. is a really majoriffic advantage. I reckon you've got it in the bag.
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12th Nov, 2008 10:13 (UTC)
to be honest I'm not even expecting to be shortlisted

Maybe not, but not going in for it is a guarantee that you won't be shortlisted. Hope is important. (Says the girl who's about to go on a killing spree in various Human Resources departments.) I'm glad you're going in for it and I wish you all the luck in the world.
12th Nov, 2008 16:37 (UTC)
hope, tempered with realism
>the girl who's about to go on a killing spree in various Human Resources departments

Don't kill the one person who's doing all the work
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12th Nov, 2008 13:04 (UTC)
how much I can go one about my wedding plans.
I think a) only the funny bits b) under a Bridezilla cut... :D
12th Nov, 2008 16:37 (UTC)
Maybe I should make a Bridezilla userpic, too ...
12th Nov, 2008 14:47 (UTC)
Do go on about your wedding plans. We could all do with someone spreading a bit of happiness about though you do risk the kind of comment a friend of mine complained about; 'How can you possibly consider getting married without a harpist?'.
I always keep the leaf mould in with the other compost. It degrades faster with other things but more importantly breaks up the compost and makes it less claggy. Alan Titchmarsh claims it adds carbon and makes a good balancer of grass that adds too much nitrogen.
12th Nov, 2008 16:45 (UTC)
no harpist
But I am currently attempting to get in touch with a band whose three members are called Red 80s, Blue 80s and Green 80s. It's those little details than make an event real enough to happen.

The compost bin's got its share of leaves*, but a) it's full and b) I mostly rely on the resident ants nest to take care of areation. It could probably do with a layer of shredded cardboard when I have a minute, though.

*It might make more sense to think of the leaf mould bin as a low-nitrogen compost bin for things that need soemthing to break up the soil but not too much fertiliser.
12th Nov, 2008 23:20 (UTC)
Me & celestialweasel know a of harpist who is more likely to be a client of cleanskies than play at her wedding... privately referred to as "wild child" saynomoreguv.
12th Nov, 2008 18:27 (UTC)
Feel free to rave about wedding plans, and do certainly apply to the V&A because that sounds potentially fabulous.

Hmm. Hang on. You know bloodlossgirl?
13th Nov, 2008 10:49 (UTC)
Everyone knows everyone nowadays.
13th Nov, 2008 17:47 (UTC)
eek I've heard house prices and selling in the south is much worse than up here, though it's pretty bad up here to.

I remember we were in windsor and everywhere we saw for sale and to let signs, more so than around Merseyside. it was an eye opener. maybe it will encourage rip off britain to lower all of it's prices in general, as Uk is a rip off considering how little of our taxes don't go to public services, but in the war funds and greedy pockets of fat arsed BMW funds for politcians and bankers.
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