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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 17:03 At the tate, lounging in the post-apocalyptic waiting room. Got told off for getting up on the top bunk, like i was a six again. Worth it.
  • 17:24 I never thought that i would see the word "breasts" projected in giant letters onto the dome of st pauls. Or "pajamas", for that matter.
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16th Nov, 2008 00:31 (UTC)
Breasts on St Paul's
Yes! I especially enjoyed seeing TOAST on St Paul's, but only managed to get a photo of SILENCE and something in Arabic(?). It's like CathedrLOLs, only with weirder but better-spelt captions.
16th Nov, 2008 23:24 (UTC)
doing better than me --
I got no decent shots at all!
16th Nov, 2008 22:23 (UTC)
Did they really spell it "pajamas" not "pyjamas"?
16th Nov, 2008 23:25 (UTC)
I doubt it, but I tend to.
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