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On the way out of the dome, I got mesmerised by giant hanging moodlights, and completely failed to notice all the security guards and police running around, until Tim distracted me by pointing to the way out, a giant blue glowing circular door. The circle had a police blockade in it, with very-much-the-worse-for-wear types breaking against them in an attempt to get in, yelling "let me in, I have to get to my boss", and the like. It's made the news today - stabbings at the Urban Music Awards, gosh. We were going in the police-approved direction, and ebbed out into the courtyard without any difficulty, where I immediately got distracted by meridian lines on the pavement.


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17th Nov, 2008 15:47 (UTC)
Oh aye, I read about that but failed to make the connection with your good selves. Glad it didn't make too big an impression for you given it could have been much more inconvenient / upsetting if you'd seen more...

ETA: also on the BBC page, from a few years earlier - woman's life saved when her bra stopped a bullet. Underwiring saves life!

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17th Nov, 2008 17:12 (UTC)
Indeed! Yes, I shan't be going to that event in a hurry!
17th Nov, 2008 17:16 (UTC)
Yeah, on the whole I think it's safer to be into experimental fusion pop opera. The only crimes going on in the monkey complex were crimes of fashion*.

*Some of them were fairly bad, though.
17th Nov, 2008 17:14 (UTC)
Same complex, but a totally different venue -- we walked past the entrance (which was mildly riotous) but assumed it was just a nightclub crowd.
17th Nov, 2008 17:41 (UTC)
Har, I did actually wonder if you'd seen any of the fracas, but figured being in a different building might have spared you.
I reckon the O2 is cursed ground, axshully...
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