Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

won't you buy my beautiful comics?

Just a quick note for anyone wishing to buy a copy of the latest Whores of Mensa (pictured below). It's not in Gosh yet, sorry -- Ellen's trying to get that sorted over the next week (fingers crossed).

There's also a couple of other retail outlets we'll try for, I'll let you know. But in the meantime, you can of course get it from me:

whores of mensa 4
whores of mensa 4
Better photo to follow

You can buy from me, using Paypal -- £3.50, with postage included, for UK residents. Elsewhere, add in another quid (£4.50). Sorry about the postage charges, but it is quite a large item (A4, 36pp). In addition to three long stories by each of us, there are two single page strips, an interview with Vanessa Davis, a luxuriously colourful back cover inspired by Eloise, and a full guide to the identities of all the ladies of Paris pictured on the cover. Previews and details on the whores of mensa website.

Once I've photographed it properly, I'll add it to my shop -- along with a few other exciting items I found while going through an old stock box!

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