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another thought on quantum of shoelace

Judi Dench as M is really rocking the Laurie Anderson look nowadays, isn't she? Do you suppose that what la Laurie and Lou Reed are actually doing in their French chateau is running an international spy network comprised entirely of pop stars? It would explain a few things. Peter Gabriel for starters.


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4th Dec, 2008 12:11 (UTC)
Good idea but a bit too much like Zoolander.
4th Dec, 2008 15:45 (UTC)
I hear that all too often.
Especially during sex.
4th Dec, 2008 20:25 (UTC)
=chuckles= =nods= =chuckles some more=
4th Dec, 2008 23:26 (UTC)
Brian Eno, thirty-five thousand kilometres up, slowly circling the world, monitoring every radio signal that drifts his way, watching, listening, composing, brooding. Alone.
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