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weekend events series

Had a little run-in with Amy Winehouse the manic kitten outside my neighbour's. She has a very thick coat now, and seemed to be a bit, well, on heat. Not such a kitten any more!

Aziz for curry on Friday night. The special complimentary chef's vegetable was swede and turnip and delicious! Such good food. We were celebrating almost having set a date! It's still almost set.

On Saturday morning I looked out the back window to see goldfinches feeding from my dead brown teazels. Truly, if you grow them, they will come. The fat-feathered pigeon of despair then landed on the fence beside them, but they took no notice, continued feeding, quickly, efficiently.

The bookshop contained a fancy art/architecture book in perfect condition that was selling elsewhere for hundreds. It's now in a glass cabinet at a price guaranteed to make it a very nice christmas gift, if the right person (or someone who knows the right person), should come by the shop. It's a pretty obscure interest, though (hence the low price) so it might end up undercutting the high prices on the internet. The shop was full of confused parents and their frantic grown-up children looking for something to read over christmas, the occasional person dropping off a frantic box or two of pre-christmas de-clutter, stopping to grab a book back off the top of the box.

Ellen's party was unsurprisingly full of the comics great and good. I met the new small press guy from Gosh and ate a lot of cake (I also nearly lost my phone on the tube, but evenings usually contain the odd low point). Ellen has a whole wall full of books I just wanted to read.

All day on Sunday the frost didn't melt in the garden. I went outside at dusk, when the last pink and golden scraps of the sunset were illuminating the lawn into a strange pale space. My native hedge had turned back into bare twigs, and the ice had done strange things to the pond. I hope the frogs are all right.

In the evening I stuffed a butternut squash and roasted it, with potatoes. Savoy cabbage and bacon on the side. Winter food, to keep us warm.


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8th Dec, 2008 01:16 (UTC)
Only you can make journal about your life in general sound so fascinating.
8th Dec, 2008 09:37 (UTC)
New small press guy at Gosh!
Good-oh. Have the problems with putting stock on their shelves been smoothed out as a result?

We had a yaffle in the garden over the weekend - it dug holes in the ground for quite some time while we pushed each other out of the way trying to get good angles for photography. I didn't do very well but I think R might have done better. Quite a few smaller, drabber birds in the garden too of course.

Ah, winter food. We considered a sunday lamb roast, but ended up with quasi-vegetarian shepherd's pie - lentils and veg, with only a bit of bacon, reminiscent of the way that the Spanish do vegetarian food.
8th Dec, 2008 11:01 (UTC)
Re: New small press guy at Gosh!
I learnt a bit more about the problems with putting stock on shelves, certainly -- but I'm hardly the stern voice of the small press, y'know... and it's interesting to hear the other side of the story, and where their decisions are coming from. Whores of Mensa is in Gosh -- and their cut (their policy is now to buy outright for half of cover cost, only items that can be sold from the regular comic shelves, no back issues)isn't that much more than what I lose on paypal/postage on an online sale.

Mmmmmm pie
8th Dec, 2008 09:55 (UTC)
What did you stuff it with? I have two nice little ones awaiting such treatment, always alert for good ideas.
8th Dec, 2008 11:09 (UTC)
I stuffed them with a pre-fryed mix of onion, lamb mince and pecan nuts, spiced with nutmeg, sumac, ground coriander and turmeric. The mix wasn't bad, but could have used a bit of cumin, maybe.

You could do a nice veggie version by using chickpeas and some crumbly white cheese rather than mince -- plenty of olive oil when you're doing the frying. Some fresh parsley chopped in, too. Roasted upright, wrapped in foil -- it's ready when the potatoes are.
8th Dec, 2008 11:30 (UTC)
Re: well,
Sounds terrif, I shall consider myself inspired.
8th Dec, 2008 13:55 (UTC)
Re: well,
Mmm, yesssh...Veggie version sounds excllent.
10th Dec, 2008 13:17 (UTC)
What was the fancy art/architecture book?
10th Dec, 2008 15:17 (UTC)
Alas, I don't recall the name. It was something to do with a specific period of architecture in a certain European town and/or tradition; it had a lovely picture of a column top on the cover; it was a grand fat book full of many excellent photographs of buildings, and details of buildings; the condition was absolutely perfect. Beyond that I'd have to go back to the shop, and check.
10th Dec, 2008 17:10 (UTC)
I will have to swallow my curiosity.
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