Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

woke up this morning ....

Cycling was fine, but the moment I hit the pavement it was as if a grey disease was seeping into my legs, every grumble complaint and curse ground down into those streets seeping back into me. People hate the roads in Oxford. I was miserable already, so with that I ended up walking the rest of the way to work through a tangle of visions of blood and torn flesh. Only my own, so nothing much to worry about really, just another lousy Friday.

[After lunch] Damian bought me ice cream, so I'm happier now.

[Later] Still on the updates. I'll never get anywhere at this rate. Still, I couldn't let the Councillor who couldn't care less if tenants are being forced to live in unsafe properties as long as they don't have messy gardens go without a complaint. Bill Baker's contact details, if you're interested. I also CCd the complaint to BBC Oxford.

They're redoing the roof and the carpets. Glue and tar, everything smells. I feel sick. I have too much to do, too much to do.
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