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up the junction (this week's strip)

I had my eyes checked today. As it turns out, my very mild astigmatism exactly cancels out my slight short sightedness. There's been a fantastic optical illusion added to the test since I last did it where you're looking at white strips of light apparently floating in the middle of the room!

For anyone who has missed it, Yo Sushi is on 40% off at the moment. I've lost the link though, and will have to edit it in later... ETA, it's here, thx Andy

Oh, and also there is This Week's Strip. It's a bit grim, sorry. But there you go.

white night in january -detail
white night in january -detail
Stile, to-do-lists, etc.


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6th Jan, 2009 18:32 (UTC)
Has no one warned you about eating cheese before you go to bed?
6th Jan, 2009 21:05 (UTC)
two words
christmas cheeseboard
6th Jan, 2009 19:46 (UTC)
grim but beautiful.
6th Jan, 2009 21:07 (UTC)
Thanks Mardou, -- oh and I have a belated christmas present for you but my address book's in the move somewhere, could you email me your address please?
6th Jan, 2009 20:42 (UTC)
Thanks for this weeks strip Jeremy. Sobering stuff.

The Yo Sushiness is here
6th Jan, 2009 21:08 (UTC)
thanks I've edited to include
6th Jan, 2009 23:12 (UTC)
Made me snivel a bit. That is a compliment.
8th Jan, 2009 13:50 (UTC)
Thank you
8th Jan, 2009 09:30 (UTC)
It's beautiful

x Andy's bro
8th Jan, 2009 13:50 (UTC)
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