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Having learned about weddings that take place inside musicals, this weekend I learned about weddings that come from the internet, at the wedding of j4 and addedentry.

They're off on Honeymoon at the moment, but I'm not so foolish as to think that this means that they won't see the picture below, of the two of them looking like an Angela Carter fairytale. However, they did pose for it, and pose again until the expressions came out just right, so I think they'll be OK with it.

So: internet wedding lessons:

  • Do not bother to hire an official photographer, as hordes of uncles and other techies will turn up bristling with recording devices anyway.
  • Simple strong themes are at their best if you have several of them, e.g. scrabble, cravats, badgers.
  • Weddings will inevitably be full of people you are not quite sure if you ought to remember that you used to know. A bonding device to get people over this problem is indicated (and may be the explanation of Ceilidhs).
  • Wedding favours which can be fiddled with, played with, flown through the air or arranged into rude words are a gift your guests will appreciate.
  • Although strict dress codes are not a good idea, encouraging your friends to wear fascinators is sure to please the photographers.

Speaking of which, I also took some photos. which recommend that you click through and view, not least because two of them feature a small badger containment device made out of a cravat.

some sort of twisted fairytale


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13th Jan, 2009 22:55 (UTC)
REMEMBER: You won't even remember the little errors a week after the event.

Simple is awesome. Even our bar was simple and awesome. We had the makings for screwdrivers, white russians, beer, and red wine.

Our wedding favors were black MnM's that doubled as bingo markers for the bingo game we played. :)
13th Jan, 2009 23:31 (UTC)
I did wave at you a few times, but you didn't recognise me. I blame all the booze at juggzy's party :)
14th Jan, 2009 08:08 (UTC)
sorry about that
I was very heavily discombobulated early on by the realisation that someone from my school was there and I spent far too much time trying to figure out what to do about that and far too little trying to say hi and reintroduce to all the people I currently know but don't know faces well yet...
14th Jan, 2009 08:35 (UTC)
One can't have too many fascinators y'know, this is good advice!
But you shouldn't have reminded me of feathers in long hair, I'm going to have to take a cold shower now.
14th Jan, 2009 22:55 (UTC)
I am speechless at the sight of mighty thews
14th Jan, 2009 19:02 (UTC)
Lovely photos!

I think ceilidhs are about giving people a structured way of interacting with each other to break the ice. Of course, what usually happens is that lots more women than men join in and female dancers end up trawling the seated males asking them to partner them for the next dance. Which breaks the ice still further, I suppose. Then the callers decide it's OK to have same-sex dancing partners anyway (which is big of them).
14th Jan, 2009 19:03 (UTC)
Sorry, that rambling comment about ceilidhs might have given people who weren't there the impression that Janet and Owen had a ceilidh at their wedding party. (They didn't.)
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