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I am in a hurry, I must run

Moving week continues without too much pain. Lots and lots of old artwork in the bin, lots and lots of old toys to the charity shop. In the end, I decided not to freecycle, and a hint as to why can be found in this week's strip, out with the old, which I knocked out at great speed in between tidying up the flat for prospective purchasers and dashing down the post office to deliver photos to relatives. Let's not even get started on the paperwork issue, but suffice it to say that I just bought a shredder. Please forgive the art, I was in a massive hurry.

detail - out with the old
detail - out with the old
Girls who work in charity shops have all the best clothes

P.S. If you want to see a somewhat more polished comic, try Stories of Henry from The Secret Knots. One of those comics I knew I would like from only the name.


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16th Jan, 2009 12:38 (UTC)
Stories of Henry is indeed great
but yours made me smile wryly. Or slightly sadly.
16th Jan, 2009 12:47 (UTC)
This week's strip is lovely.
16th Jan, 2009 13:40 (UTC)
That strip is perfect. It says it all.
16th Jan, 2009 19:36 (UTC)
Love the 'out with the old' strip, it's lovely.

I'm finding clearing out the nick naks in my house a little painful, and I haven't even started yet. What were the things in the books?
16th Jan, 2009 20:40 (UTC)
A fine strip. I often look through our piles of crap and think that the nephews / nieces will end up having to throw all this out.
(Deleted comment)
17th Jan, 2009 11:06 (UTC)
Nothing to forgive, Jeremy. Another lovely strip!

Matt Badham
24th Jan, 2009 22:33 (UTC)
That's great, true and great. I love the collage clutter at the bottom of panel one.
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