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moments between posts - bust wrist

This also happened today:

  • 16:15 Exciting day in a&e, rescucitation, injury assessment unit, finally comes to rest in trauma. Amazing what i can do from a standing start.
  • 23:15 The green gowned trauma team ring me round like sarcastic meercats. My injury, they say, lacks originality, won't be treated tomorrow. Ow.
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22nd Jan, 2009 00:50 (UTC)
Ouch, what happened?
22nd Jan, 2009 09:25 (UTC)
Slipped on ice and fell backwards on to her arm, dislocating and breaking her left wrist. Not nice. She’s now in hospital bed stuffed full of pain-killers and with a very dramatic sling suspended from a hook above her and waiting to see whether they want to operate to pin the bones or not. There’s a little more on my journal.
22nd Jan, 2009 10:16 (UTC)
Ugh, that's terrible. Tell her get well soon when you see her, and ask if they'll give her the morphine. If they operate they'll definitely offer her the morphine.

I turned it down when they put a pin in my hand. Alas.
22nd Jan, 2009 10:33 (UTC)
I think she said she already had some morphine last night
so the painkilling is in full effect, no messing.
27th Jan, 2009 21:29 (UTC)
I'm not very brave about pain and suffering...
I was more of a demanding more morphine every two hours type of patient. Also, they knocked me out for the extension and putting back into joint bit -- and I was very keen on the whole unconsciousness approach. Alas, it was mostly not to be...
22nd Jan, 2009 11:08 (UTC)
Oh no! Please pass on my best wishes!
27th Jan, 2009 21:30 (UTC)
Thanks. I can now type with one hand! Yay!
22nd Jan, 2009 13:06 (UTC)
Get well soon to Jeremy.
27th Jan, 2009 21:31 (UTC)
Thanks, I am improving daily ( and yet somehow still not fast enough)
22nd Jan, 2009 18:21 (UTC)
The terrible wrist consequences of spending so much of one's life as an indie kid. Ask about getting some weighted pens for physiotherapeutic cartooning.
27th Jan, 2009 21:32 (UTC)
Wrong hand. Maybe a weighted rubber?
23rd Jan, 2009 00:10 (UTC)
oh dear - i missed this yesterday. i hope you recover quickly, and that it isn't as bad as it sounds.
27th Jan, 2009 21:32 (UTC)
4 weeks till pins out
8 weeks till I can lift anything bigger than a cup of tea
26th Jan, 2009 01:02 (UTC)
Jeezus Christ, I just discovered this after wondering why you were needing SURGERY, and in the hospital! Damn, I hope to hell it's not your drawing hand. About 10 yrs ago I was raising an old heavy steel slatted venetian blind in my office and the whole thing came crashing down on my wrist-- broke it in 7 places. I was teaching then and no one from the college even offered to get me to the hospital so I drove myself. Using my husband's stick shift car that day (and it was my right hand)--yeah. I feel your pain all right!!
Hopefully you'll get lots outpourings of sympathy with the cast.
27th Jan, 2009 21:36 (UTC)
It was my following hand! Thank goodness. The school kids I'd scooted round rang the ambulance for me -- my hand was sticking out at a pretty crazy angle, which certainly brought on the sympathy/horror pretty fast.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

P.S. I'm loving reading your recipes at the moment
26th Jan, 2009 07:49 (UTC)
Just discovered this as well - I should be paying more attention!

Not nice at all - good luck with all the treatment and hope recovery goes well!
27th Jan, 2009 21:38 (UTC)
Everyone seemed pleased with the results of the repositioning and pinning, and optimistic about my chances of a full recovery, it's pretty painful still but getting better every day.
29th Jan, 2009 06:36 (UTC)
Yikes. I also missed this first time around. I hope they've got the pain relief sorted out now. At least you can start counting down time until they take the pins out and you can lift things.
30th Jan, 2009 07:50 (UTC)
The pain's OK when I'm distracted, hence much internettage. It's good enough I can quit the codeine, anyway.
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