Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

it wasn't my drawing hand - but don't look too closely at the hands

in this week's strip, Turnaround is Fair. A few of them rather reflect the state my left hand was in when I inked this, over the rough script on the back of a photocopy. I've not tidied or corrected as much as usual, either, nor shall I, for a bit. I've got to work with what I've got in way of time, effort. And not mistake being out of hospital for being better. This strip marks something of a departure in story focus, and should (with any luck) be the beginning of a new series, tentatively entitled "Turnstones".

Right, I'm at the end of my typing tether now, but just time for the news that I didn't get shortlisted for the V&A post. Did anyone else?

turnaround is fair
turnaround is fair

P.S. Sorry again for not replying to comments. I will get to them!
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