Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

I found a jumper that would go over the cast!

sling off
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Well, I say jumper, but anyone with a more accurate designation, feel free to step in, as it's not like any jumper I've ever seen. It reminds me a bit of this memorably bonkers fashion article I read in Just 17 sometime in the 80s which suggested that you could double your wardrobe by wearing clothes upside down or on the wrong limbs, cotton tops as harem pants, leggings as a stunning headdress, baggy pants as a bolero jacket, that sort of thing. I've actually tried to put it on upside down a couple of times, all the usual signifiers of direction in clothing are reversed or otherwise borked. Except the label, which says "Hoxton Chic" on it. I guess I'd understand if I were sufficiently indie. Yes, I am wearing armwarmers. My arms are cold.

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