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it didn't snow much in oxford

... but what came down instantly half-melted into a greasy slippery mess that looked deceptively snow-like unlike you had to stop, or get any grip, at which point it became evil packslush. Thanks to timscience's snow day (lots more snow where he works) getting to the post office was not the nightmare it might have been, however, it's been sobering. Any delight in snow instantly drowned by fear of a second broken wrist. Knowing you don't have the extra capacity to deal with a slip and a bump. Understanding what the transport system must feel like, finally, for the first time. brrrr.

Anyway, enough of that. Onto this week's strip, from which one can deduce that, hmmm -- I've unpacked the dip pens. Also, one handed erasing is really difficult! Thanks to the lovely glittertigger for the beautiful gold paper I'm using.

In other news, ow. Ow, ow, ow. No, I'm much better.

you do it to yourself -detail
you do it to yourself -detail
Ink on shiny paper!


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2nd Feb, 2009 20:52 (UTC)
Lovely lines
Dip pen well worth unpacking, I think. :-)
25th Feb, 2009 17:30 (UTC)
Had a mooch around London last week (first time in ages) and took Dr.F to see Cornellissen's - I bought a dip-pen holder and something from a jar of what were described as a "Classic" pen nibs (though not old Philip Poole stock, they assured me) - still haven't tried it yet...
25th Feb, 2009 19:09 (UTC)
sorry to miss the Steve get together
We had plans for a flying visit, but it got lost in the chaos -- probably as well, it's a challenge to make a flying visit to a pub crawl!

Post some pen-and-ink drawings on your blog! I miss your old-skool materials-based stylings.
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