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snow day update

Pain - pretty bad today, I started the day with a phonecall to NHS Direct and it hasn't gotten better.
Snow - there's lot, I'm not going anywhere. Well, mabe the back garden.
Cat - full of purr, but also hairballs.
Dinosaurs - frolicking.

See below and click through for a closer look/more of similar, and to see what motodraconis's fimo dinos make of snow.

they have a plan

dinosaur scene



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5th Feb, 2009 15:49 (UTC)
Wonder if the snow will come this way.
I hope you feel better soon.
5th Feb, 2009 16:05 (UTC)
So that's what the Ice Age looked like.
5th Feb, 2009 16:06 (UTC)
5th Feb, 2009 21:53 (UTC)
I found a cat "dressed" as a dinosaur

5th Feb, 2009 17:20 (UTC)
Dinosaurs: Making Everything Better Since They Were Invented Which Was A Long Time Ago.

Also, I had lovely cat time last night. At 4am I was in the middle of crying and stressing over a positively horrid and evil woman at work and Sara and I were talking. Isis crawled into bed next to me, lined herself along my arm, and began purring so hard that she might have put stress fractures in my skeleton.
5th Feb, 2009 22:00 (UTC)
Ultrasound treatment! She cares for your wellbeing. Physio cat says pain means progress!
6th Feb, 2009 11:25 (UTC)
Ugh, not good, but I dare say the pain isn't actually something to worry about outside of getting plenty of painkillers down you. I still get weather-related grumbles from the pin in my wrist ten years on. O differing thermal expansion coefficients, how you do us wrong!

We have a cat dressed as a dinosaur, and now a cat dressed as cleanskies: however will scientists manage to combine all these elements?
6th Feb, 2009 13:40 (UTC)
Latest news
Poor creature - so sorry to learn about the wristy pin things and ice nightmare. Shall be thinking of you. Let me know if there's anything you need and that I can help with. xx
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